Moisture Damage: A Frequent Cause for iPhone Repairs in Melbourne

There’s no disputing the iPhone’s appeal; when Apple released the 5s and 5c back in September, around 9 million people snatched it up within seven days. Despite its popularity though, the iPhone isn’t exactly renowned for being all tough and rugged, especially when it comes to withstanding moisture damage. As this article from illustrates, even a sweaty workout may cause your shiny new gadget to go haywire:

Killing iPhones

“It happens all the time,” said Pittman, repeating what he said an Apple employee at the Willowbrook, Texas, store told him. “He said they have this issue all the time.”

“What happens? Apparently sweat happens.”

“Both Keneker and Pittman use their iPhones at the gym to listen to music or use the calorie-counting fitness applications that actually come with the phone. They said Apple employees told them their sweaty palms are the likely culprit here.”

“If this was going to be sensitive enough where you can’t use it at the gym, why don’t they have a cover there?” asked Pittman, pointing to the opening where the charger plugs into the iPhone.

It’s important to note that most of Apple’s mobile devices have liquid contact indicators (LCIs) that turn red when water comes into contact with the circuit board. Unfortunately, as the article later notes, the LCI is located inside the charging dock (or inside the nano-SIM card slot in newer models), where your sweaty palms can easily set it off. It’s not surprising then that moisture damage is one of the leading causes of iPhone repairs in Melbourne.

Since an iPhone’s warranty does not cover liquid damage, your best recourse is to prevent it from happening in the first place. Nowadays, there are many protective cases in the market, and some of them can waterproof your phone in addition to helping it survive a fall. Also, never take your iPhone with you to the shower; while listening to tunes during your morning bath is fun, the steam and humidity just might trigger the phone’s LCI.

If you accidentally drop it in water, take your iPhone out and turn it off immediately before the water has a chance to short out the circuitry. Tuck the phone inside a zip lock bag and fill it with uncooked rice to draw out the moisture; power it on only after 24-48 hours. If it doesn’t boot up, take it to a trusted repair expert like TWorld ICT to have it inspected and fixed. Such mobile repair companies can also perform iPhone 4 repairs for Melbourne residents whose damaged handsets are no longer covered by the warranty.

(Article Information and Excerpt from Sweaty workouts killing iPhones?, CNET)

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