Mobile Phone Repairs in Melbourne: Get to Know the HTC One M9 Model

With its 5” display and elegant metallic profile, the HTC One M9, is one of the leading and most sought-after smartphone releases this year. It promises users a more personalized mobile experience than other brands. The newest member of the popular HTC One series offers various customization options that allow users to add a touch of their personality to their phone.

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Using the built-in Themes App, you may change how your phone looks by using your own photo or one you have selected. When you go online, its BlinkFeed feature detects where you are, and provides recommendations on nearby restaurants, local events, and others. Meanwhile, the M9’s sapphire camera technology boasts of stunning and clear photos in every shot. Its One Gallery feature acts like a built-in organizer for your photos and videos with user-friendly controls.

In case of problems like a broken screen or water damage, HTC offers a replacement policy called UH OH Protection, which guarantees to replace the unit for free within 12 months of purchase.

Despite the innovative features, HTC’s new model may still be prone to various issues like a slow charging rate, overheating, and fast battery drains, which may require you to seek professional mobile phone repairs.

Common HTC One M9 Problems

The M9’s processor, the Snapdragon 810, has been reported to have a tendency to overheat during usage, but this may easily be resolved or avoided. As with other gadgets, you should avoid using the device while charging as doing so will also cause potential damage to the battery itself. Another workaround is to use the Power-Saver mode, particularly if you don’t need to use too many functions, to decrease the temperature without sacrificing good performance.

There are many reasons why the M9’s battery life is easily drained, and doesn’t charge well. It’s possible that you may have opened too many Apps at the same time, had switched on unnecessary App notifications, or had set the Brightness level too high in excellent lighting conditions. Switch off or turn down these features to help extend battery life.

Meanwhile, slow charging, a recurring concern in HTC models, may also be resolved by setting the phone to Power Saver or Extreme Power Save mode while it’s plugged in. Once again, it’s not advisable to use the phone while charging, as this could not only slow done the charge, but also damage your phone.

If these basic troubleshooting and preventive techniques are not doing the job, it’s time to seek professional help from a noted HTC repair shop in Melbourne, like TWorld ICT Corp Pty Ltd.

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Common HTC One M9 problems and how to fix them.

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