Melbourne Telstra Shop Offers Tips for the First Time Smartphone Buyer

In less than a decade, the smartphone has gone from being a “nice-to-have” gadget to an absolute necessity—one that allows people to do everything from browsing the Internet, to paying their bills, and even playing complex 3D games. These statistics from business consulting firm Frost & Sullivan serve as further proof of the Aussies’ love affair with this handy mobile device:

Frost & Sullivan’s latest report, Australian Mobile Device Usage Trends 2013 confirms that mobile devices have transitioned from being primarily used for voice and text to more sophisticated multi-functional usage based on their mobile media capabilities.

Frost & Sullivan estimates that Australia’s smartphone penetration in 2013 is at 73% in the 15 to 65 age group and predicts this to reach 93% by 2018, when it is likely that virtually all mobile phones will have built-in smartphone functionality […]

Nearly half of all smartphone users say that regularly engaging with mobile media is the main way they utilise their smartphone. Harpur explains, “As smartphone functionality continues to improve with higher resolutions and larger screens, faster internet access via 4G networks and higher data downloads, this percentage will increase significantly over the next few years.”

With that said, 27% of Australians either do not have mobile phones or are still holding onto the “dumb” phone they currently own. Given the country’s rapid adoption of the smartphone though—and in line with Frost & Sullivan’s predictions—more and more people are expected to replace their old phones in the years to come.

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Of course, buying a mobile phone today is different from buying one years ago. If you’re a first-time buyer, be sure to heed these tips from a leading Melbourne Telstra shop:

Which Platform?

The battle for smartphone supremacy is largely waged between Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS platforms. Android is more open and customizable, but different phones often run different versions of the operating system. iOS is more closed, but its application offering is more robust.

Which Carrier?

A high-tech phone with no signal is little more than a paperweight. As such, be sure the carrier you choose has strong network coverage in your area so you won’t have problems placing calls or accessing mobile internet. To be sure, go with a trusted carrier like Telstra to get the best service.

What Plan?

You should have an idea of what your phone usage will be like before walking into a Telstra store in Melbourne like Telco World. If you’re more of a talk and text type who’ll browse the Internet only occasionally, you don’t need a particularly big data plan. If you think you’ll be online a lot, go for a bigger data plan to avoid overage charges.

(Source: Frost & Sullivan: 73% of Australians aged 15-65 currently own a smartphone; 93% by 2018, Frost & Sullivan, August 4, 2013)

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