Melbourne Telstra Shop: Mobile Phone Safety Tips while Driving

The world has gone mobile, and devices such as smartphones and tablets are now considered a necessity. The portability of today’s mobile devices means consumers are no longer constrained by location, but this benefit does come with certain disadvantages. For instance, more and more mobile phone users are answering their phones while driving.

Driving Safety Tips

While it is highly recommended that you avoid talking/texting on the phone while driving, it could certainly be unavoidable at times. The Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association offers these helpful tips for those times when you really have to use your phone while on the steering wheel:

Use a hands-free device

Using a mobile phone while driving is illegal in Australia, except when you use portable hands-free devices. Make your phone a hands-free device by purchasing a number of hands-free cellphone accessories. These accessories can reduce the effort necessary to receive and make calls.

Don’t make or receive calls or texts during hazardous situations or conditions

Heavy traffic, poor road conditions, and bad weather are prime examples of unsafe conditions in which to use cell phones while driving. As a driver, your main focus should be on the road, and your phone will only serve as a distraction that would keep you from directing your attention on the conditions and situations mentioned.

Get to know your phone’s features

Learn to use your phone’s convenient features such as redial, speed dial, voice-activated calling, and automatic answering. If you don’t know how to harness these features, visit a friendly and helpful Melbourne Telstra shop like TWorld ICT Corp Pty Ltd. The approachable staff is trained to provide phone users with handy tips and advice.

Inform callers that you’re driving

Always let callers know that you are driving. This lets them know that driving safely is your first priority so they can make the necessary adjustments to the conversation, even maybe forgo the call for another, more appropriate time.

It goes without saying that you need a reliable phone if you plan on using your phone heavily while driving. Melbourne Telstra store like TWorld ICT offer a wide selection of high-quality new and used mobile phones to fit your needs.

(Source: AMTA’s Mobile Phones and Driving Safety Tips, Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association)

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