Melbourne Telstra Prepaid vs. Post-paid: Breaking Down the Stereotypes

Telecom companies will offer you the choice of a prepaid or post-paid plan, which often comes with a free phone. A prepaid plan will provide you with credit on-demand, but a post-paid plan won’t require you to top up every time. With making a decision as hard as choosing your phone, Meld Magazine’s Leon Saw breaks down the plans’ stereotypes. To supplement the explanation, this article will also look at Telstra’s mobile plans, as shown in its website. These plans are also offered by Melbourne Telstra plan dealers like TWorld ICT.choosing the right mobile phone plan in australia


Literally speaking, the term “prepaid” means “paid beforehand.” You already paid for the credit you’ll need to make calls, send messages, and surf the Internet. Telstra prepaid starter kits are categorized into multi-fit and nano SIMs, each having at least $10 credit to get you started. The multi-fit SIM is the traditional SIM for non-smartphones, while the nano SIM is for the latest smartphones.

With a prepaid plan, you can top up anytime you want. You’re not bound to any plan contract and have more control over your spending. In his article, Saw also adds that you can change between plans. The prepaid plan is designed for people who don’t use the Internet or make calls as frequently, especially those who want to stay within their budget.


“Post-paid” means you can enjoy your mobile privileges now and pay for them later. Similar to prepaid plans, post-paid ones have their respective multi-fit and nano SIMs. Telstra also has four post-paid plans—S, M, L, and XL—with monthly fees ranging from $55 to $130 (excluding additional fees for excess data usage).

As mentioned earlier, post-paid plans don’t require constant top-ups. Even when you exceed your monthly data limit, you can still enjoy the privileges provided in your plan—for a fee. Post-paid plans are ideal for busy entrepreneurs who have no time to occasionally buy credit, or international students who need to stay in touch with family abroad.

Which is Better?

You won’t be disappointed with both plans, depending on how you use your phone. There’s no right or wrong choice here. However, given that Telstra brands prepaid plans as “starter kits,” first-time phone users may want to start with these plans. Once they get a feel for the plans and determine exactly what they need, they can switch to post-paid plans anytime.

If you still have a hard time deciding, ask Melbourne Telstra dealers to help you out. Tell them what you need and they’ll assist you in finding the best plan.

(Source: Choosing the right mobile phone plan in Australia, Meld Magazine)

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