Melbourne Telstra Plans Add a New Twist to Residential Landline Use

Before Christmas 2014, almost a thousand new hotspots were activated to support a Wi-Fi network owned by Telstra in Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane. This is the launching offering for Telstra’s free Wi-Fi project, which aims to provide Wi-Fi connection, initially for free, in some of the busiest locations in the three cities.

Free Telstra WiFi

This is great news for mobile plan users but what does this indicate for landline users?

While mobile phones have a lot of perks, there are still many things to be addressed before you switch to a purely mobile connection. First of all, despite excellent services from telecommunication providers, cell phone signals still tend to occasionally get interrupted or spotty—something you do not want to happen while in the middle of an important business or personal call.

Another thing that goes against cell phones is battery life. While portable chargers now offer a solution to this perennial concern, frequent charging can disrupt routines and be a source of annoyance.

That being said, in today’s highly mobile and connected world, it is probably best to have both mobile phones and landlines, giving you all the options you need. You don’t need to pay exorbitant monthly fees to have both—and more—with offerings such as Melbourne Telstra plans from the country’s biggest telecom provider.

With Telstra’s bundle plans, subscribers can call a mobile phone number directly from their landlines at rates that will match their budget and lifestyle. Telstra dealers like Telco World also offer bundled broadband subscription, as well as other extras like three-way chats and call control. To get the most out of your connection, you can add in Foxtel for entertainment at home.

Speaking of broadband and internet connections, landlines with broadband connections (or DSL services) remain one of the most consistent and faster ways of getting access to the Internet. Also, international calls on landlines are generally cheaper and have better voice quality compared to mobile phones.

Landlines are also more dependable and accessible in cases of emergency. Children can make an emergency call from a landline more easily than from a mobile. Younger children, in particular, may still have difficulty in mastering cell phone use. In addition to that, landline connections are more stable during disasters. In such events, mobile networks get clogged up more easily. Also, cellular signals are more vulnerable to the elements, which means you’ll have better chances of getting through when using a landline.

Home phones, though a bit old-school, still have plenty of use today. While smartphones offer boundless benefits and opportunities, landlines remain a highly reliable tool for your communication and, more recently, entertainment needs.

(Source: Free Telstra WiFi network goes live in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, whistleOut)

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