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In this digital age, things happen at ultra-fast speeds. Advances in internet and communications technology have levelled the playing field and enabled countless businesses to reach out to a wide audience more efficiently. Surprisingly, not all businesses have quick internet connections as some still rely on old-fashioned dial-up internet access.

why should business change to high speed internet

In his article for, writer Charly Mercer points out the exact reasons why today’s businesses cannot afford to ignore the need for fast Internet access.

“Dial-up Internet connections can easily handle simple forms of Internet communication like emails and instant messages, yet high-speed connections not only make these options faster but help small businesses enjoy richer forms of communication.

Slow connections deliver reduced sound and image quality for voice and video, but a high-speed connection provides the quality you need to communicate effectively, potentially reducing expenses on business trips and long-distance phone calls.

Your site is stored on a server, and access to your files depends on the speed of a visitor’s connection, yet, during site maintenance and updates, your communication with the server depends on your own office Internet connection. A faster Internet connection makes uploading new files faster and easier, especially in the case of multimedia content like videos and images.”

Companies in need of seamless 24/7 connectivity can turn to an authorised Melbourne Telstra business dealer like TWorld ICT Corp Pty Ltd that offers cost-effective mobile and broadband internet plans. Telstra’s 3G™ network, in particular, ensures optimum mobile connectivity as opposed to dial-up or wired connections.

Faster internet access can improve communication channels between a company and its clients by preventing delays in file sharing, business correspondence, promotions, and other critical online transactions. This improvement in customer relationship management (CRM) can yield more closed deals and improved forecast accuracy. In addition, by speeding up online communication and addressing customer concerns more quickly, a company can save on calls and call-backs from dissatisfied customers.

No matter the size or structure of your business, you can count on top Telstra dealers in Melbourne such as TWorld ICT Corp Pty Ltd to provide the appropriate plans for your mobile and broadband needs that enable more efficient business operations. With fast and reliable mobile connectivity from a reliable service provider, you can steer clear of outages that result in downtimes and hurt your revenues.

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