Melbourne Samsung Phone Experts can Sort out Your S3 Battery Problems

Battery problems are one of the most common complaints of Samsung Galaxy S3 users. This comes as no surprise, though, because while the Galaxy S3 boasts plenty of features, its hardware is relatively older and less efficient than other mobile devices. As such, users are advised to take certain measures if they wish to prolong the battery lives of their phones, as pointed out in this International Business Times article:

“1.      Network Mode

In case you have Galaxy S3 LTE, determine your plan and the network stability of 4G. If 3G works for you and can accommodate your mobile data needs, set it as default and only use 4G in an area that provides good quality connection.

2.      Setting the Display

Lowering the display brightness at dim point can be very irritating and the best option is to enable Automatic Brightness level. In addition, you may browse the Play Store and find certain apps that control brightness depending on the phone’s mode such as during night time.”

Based on the experience of renowned mobile phone repair experts like TWorld ICT Corp, which services products from companies like Apple, HTC, and Samsung in Melbourne, Galaxy S3 battery problems are often the result of using too many applications simultaneously. Many smartphone users are guilty of this habit and encounter no significant deterioration in battery performance, but there is evidence to prove how detrimental app overuse can be for the Galaxy S3. Some built-in apps, like Gallery and Maps, can consume as much as 30 percent of the battery’s energy, which means that a fully charged S3 can get completely drained by noontime if these apps are left to run uninterruptedly.

20 ways to extend battery life without sacrificing too much user experience

In some instances, S3 battery problems can be attributed to hardware issues. Damage to the phone’s charging port, for instance, prevents the device from powering up. The power problem may even stem from the battery itself, particularly when extreme temperatures have caused the S3’s battery to degrade over time. As with any other lithium-ion battery, high heat can cause an S3 battery to leak. In a lot of cases involving phone repairs in Melbourne, technicians recommend replacing the battery altogether.

Subsequent Samsung devices, notably the Galaxy Ace 3 and its 1800 mAh cell, have vastly improved battery performance. Fortunately, S3 fans who do not yet wish to replace their two-year old mobiles can turn to a repair expert like TWorld ICT Corp.


(Source: Samsung Galaxy S3: 20 Ways to Extend Battery Life Without Sacrificing Too Much User Experience, International Business Times, June 16, 2014)

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