Melbourne Mobile Phone Repair and Other Tips to Extend Battery Life

The industry-standard smartphone battery holds a charge of 1,440 mAh (approximately 5.45 watt-hours). While this is a generous amount of energy, though, it’s rarely enough to make a phone go through even just one whole day without recharging. This has led the burgeoning portable charger market to fill the gap between end-of-day charges.

Melbourne Mobile Phone Repair and Other Tips to Extend Battery Life

The flip side of this development, however, is that incessant charging can and will shorten a battery’s lifespan, as uncovered by several studies. In particular, frequently going from no charge to full charge has drastic effects on the longevity of a battery, as these power packs are designed with a limited number of charge cycles (that is, the number of times that they can go from 0% to 100% charge). In fact, in some devices, fully discharging and then charging can even activate failsafes that would permanently disable the battery.

Fortunately, there are multiple ways of extending a battery’s service lifetime without sacrificing your device’s utility. Providers of mobile phone repairs in Melbourne, such as TWorld ICT Pty. Ltd., can help with the first step by inspecting, repairing, and replacing damaged charger ports, power circuits, and batteries as necessary. This ensures that your smartphone can get power as efficiently as possible when charging. Specialist services also have the added benefit of spotting hidden or potential problems before they have a chance to manifest and damage your unit, thus sparing you the headache of experiencing these inconveniences firsthand.

Another way to maximise your charge is to get rid of the fat and uninstall or disable programs that consume significant amounts of power; this is especially true for rarely-used apps and features. You can also improve your energy efficiency by reducing the display brightness to a lower level without making onscreen information indecipherable; enabling automatic brightness adjustment and auto-sleep is quite helpful in this regard.

Keeping the phone cool does wonders to its power and operational lifespans, as well. Unvented heat is the enemy; leaving your device in a hot environment or in direct sunlight overheats the battery, resulting in faster degradation and reduced output over time. If for some reason the phone’s built-in heat sink and ventilation grooves aren’t helping your device’s temperatures stay down, these mechanisms might be obstructed, damaged, or otherwise inoperable. An expert in mobile phone repair in Melbourne can address these issues and bring your unit back to top condition readily enough.

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