Melbourne iPhone Repairs Experts Make a Difference in Fixing “The Six”

People who’ve remained loyal to Apple’s line-up of gadgets keep it up by purchasing either the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus. Like every other gadget, however, these models are prone to certain malfunctions that entail some downtime. On the bright side, though, Gregg Keizer of Computerworld states that the iPhone 6 series is less complicated than the 5C or 5S, making it easy to repair.

New iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

Australia already holds some “milestones” with the iPhone 6’s release. The Apple Store in Sydney boasts of having the very first customer in the world to buy one, while the first person to buy an iPhone 6 at another branch in Perth was left frustrated after accidentally dropping the device during a live interview. If your iPhone 6 or 6Plus has had its own share of misfires since you bought it, consider letting people who know iPhone repairs in Melbourne like TWorld ICT Corp Pty Ltd fix it for you.

Keizer cites a teardown analysis of the iPhone 6 that was published after release. He said one of the key features that make the phone easy to dismantle and expedite repair is the ease with which the battery can be parted from the adhesive. The upgrade also saw the fingerprint scanner cable rerouted, which has been a problem in the 5S that led to the cable snapping.

Still, some iPhone 6 users can be at a loss as to what they should do in case the unit is damaged. A preferred iPhone repair service provider is equipped to handle various technical issues affecting iPhones, including water damage, spotty reception (even in areas known to have uninterrupted wireless service), sunken power/Home buttons, or cracked touchscreens.

No iPhone 6 user will not know of the gadget’s infamous tendency to bend, aka Bendgate, which made the news after the release. In some cases, this can wreck the phone beyond repair. For your convenience, your iPhone repair service specialist may offer a new or used unit as temporary replacement.

Damage to an advanced mobile device like the iPhone 6 should not be something to lose sleep over. That’s why companies like TWorld ICT stand ready to diagnose issues and facilitate your options for iPhone repair in Melbourne.

(Source: New iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are easier to repair, Computerworld)

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