iPhone Screen Repair Tips: Working Around an Unusually Dim Screen

All iPhone models (including the earliest ones) are initially designed to adapt to various lighting conditions, which is done via a special ambient light sensor situated near the phone’s speaker. Going from a dark room into a brightly lit one may cause the iPhone to stay dim until the screen is unlocked. Sometimes, though, this simple trick doesn’t solve the problem—and may sometimes even reset the phone entirely.

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iPhone screen repair centres around Melbourne have likely dealt with this issue on several occasions, and they can give a few explanations why. Most of the time, the problem is caused by the iPhone’s brightness setting or the special “auto-brightness feature” described in the previous paragraph. For the worst-case scenario, something may have gone awry within the phone’s screen itself, though screen failures aren’t necessarily that bad—the issue might be caused by a single, failing component inside.

The simplest troubleshooting method you can perform is to adjust the brightness setting on the phone. Apple’s iOS enables users to tweak the display brightness even with the auto-brightness feature running, so it’s quite easy. Recalibration can be performed by first turning off auto-brightness, then going into an unlit room to turn the slider down and make the screen as dim as possible. Afterwards, auto-brightness should be turned on. The phone can be taken to a brightly lit location and it should be able to adjust itself.

Should the recalibration prove unsuccessful, it’s time to troubleshoot the ambient light sensor itself. This component is the one primarily responsible for the auto-brightness, and at times, it wouldn’t budge when the phone’s screen is either locked or not. Try locking/unlocking the phone then wait it out and see what happens.

Still nothing? Then maybe it’s due to iOS itself. Several iPhone users reported dimmer-than-usual screens after updating to iOS 8.1, which, apparently, no amount of tinkering with the settings solved. A deeper probe into the issue revealed that the update, aside from introducing added support for Apple Pay and other bug fixes, added a feature that enables users to adjust screen brightness using the home button alone. This may be fixed by going to settings>general>accessibility>zoom and selecting “disable zoom”.

Now if that fails, then there’s obviously something wrong with the LCD that only a professional can handle. Luckily, expert iPhone screen repairs are just around the corner, with companies like TWorld ICT Corp. Pty Ltd more than willing to help.

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