iPhone Screen Repair in Melbourne: Four Options for Damaged Units

Even the best of us cannot help but drop an expensive piece of device like an iPhone. When damage occurs, think twice before repairing it yourself or having some rank amateur do iPhone screen repair in Melbourne. Sam Costello presents possible options for accidentally-damaged iPhone screens, in his article in About Technology.

Repair Options

If you’re facing a cracked screen that’s so damaged that it’s hard to use your device, you have a number of options for repairing it. A lot of businesses offer low-cost screen replacement, but before you use those, read this article. If you’re not careful, you could end up violating your warranty from Apple and losing all the support and benefits it offers.

Check if it’s still under warranty

A warranty for consumer electronics, in general, does not cover accidental damage, and the iPhone is no exception. In effect, a cracked screen can’t be fixed free of charge. Before you bring it to a repair shop, consider the fact that anyone else, other than an Apple-authorized technician, who works on the phone would void the entire warranty. If you need repair, contact Apple or an authorized reseller directly to see what can be done.

Let AppleCare do its job

If you shelled out extra for AppleCare extended warranty, you’re in luck. AppleCare does cover up to two incidents of accidental damage. This is why you shouldn’t allow untrained individuals to tamper with the phone because this would likewise void the AppleCare warranty, even if you did pay for it.

Phone insurance

Contact your insurer and inquire about their policies on screen repair. Most iPhone insurance packages cover accidental damage. Depending on your policy, you may be charged a deductible and a repair fee, but this should be a lesser evil compared with replacing the iPhone altogether. Make sure to double check the amount and question any numbers you don’t understand.

If your phone is out of warranty

You’re free to do more since there is no official warranty at stake. Your objective now is to get the iPhone functional again. As much as possible, patronize businesses that have Apple-certified technicians, such as Telco World. It may not be as affordable as other shops that don’t specialise in iPhone screen repairs in Melbourne, but you can have peace of mind knowing that your phone is in capable hands.

(Source: “Repair Options for Cracked iPhone Screens”, About Technology)

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