iPhone Screen Repair in Melbourne: Why Some Screens Crack, Some Not

This is perhaps one of the biggest nightmares of every iPhone user: shattering or cracking their phone screens. Aside from being very distracting, a cracked screen might cause the eventual demise of your phone due to extensive screen damage, where you’ll only see a hodgepodge of colours and not a single image. Cracked screens are some kind of twisted lottery—some screens crack after falling, some screens don’t—and you might think that it’s a matter of luck. Luck has nothing to do with your iPhone’s fate; it’s the manner of falling that spells the phone’s fortune or misfortune.

Science Behind the Lottery

How do phone screens break?

Videos of drop tests abound on YouTube, showing how screens could get damaged no matter how strong they are. How exactly does a phone screen break? If your iPhone hits the ground face-down, the screen is more likely to escape unscathed or receive only a few scratches, because the stress of the impact spreads across the screen’s surface. If it hits the ground on one of its corners, however, your phone is likely to break, since the point of impact between the glass and the ground is small and focused, and the entire force of impact is directed on the screen, causing it to shatter.

Basically, an iPhone’s screen has two key characteristics that prevent it from shattering upon impact, namely hardness and strength. Hardness denotes resistance to abrasion, which makes the phone scratch-proof even though it constantly moves around your bag’s interiors or your pocket. Strength, meanwhile, determines how many falls or blows the phone could withstand before it shatters completely.

Depending on the hardness and strength, any smartphone—especially an iPhone—is vulnerable to damage once you drop it accidentally, so bringing your iPhone screen for repair in Melbourne should be done immediately.

Don’t ignore absence of cracks

Dropping your phone and seeing no visible signs of damage don’t necessarily mean the phone is completely in good shape. This shouldn’t be ignored, as invisible cracks could get bigger and cause your screen to shatter suddenly. Cracked screens produce splotches or black spots that radiate outward like ink on your screen, which means the chemicals inside your phone that render the images are beginning to leak. Elementary screen protection, like putting your iPhone in a plastic casing, could greatly minimize the risk of screen damage.

Should you have the misfortune of cracking your iPhone touchscreen when you’re in the middle of an important event, have it replaced in a shop like TWorld ICT Corp Pty Ltd, which provides priority iPhone 4 screen replacement in Melbourne. By scheduling an appointment through the shop’s website, you can skip the queue and have your screen replaced within hours.

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