iPhone Repair Tips: First Aid for Overheating and Sudden Battery Drain

Technicians who perform iPhone repairs around locales such as Melbourne deal with a few concerns that are all too familiar: broken screens, phones that don’t charge, and waterlogged units. In the same breath, there’s also overheating and battery drain—two issues that seem to coincide on specific occasions as well.

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First, the heating issue. There are times when an iPhone feels a bit warmer than it should, and there are times when it gets hot enough to ‘hurt’ the user a bit. iPhone smartphones are essentially handheld computers sporting hardware that’s almost similar to your desktop PC’s; they’re just much smaller. Unlike PC components, though, iPhone parts don’t have a fan to cool them down, running the risk of overheating.

Various reasons exist to explain overheating iPhone units. They may range from simple ones, such as leaving the phone under direct sunlight/in the car during a hot day, or using hardware-heavy applications simultaneously, such as GPS navigation and graphics-intensive games. In general, the iPhone overheats simply because there are too many apps running in the background, which stresses the phone’s CPU. One simple fix you can try is checking battery usage in the settings menu and turning off any apps that overwork the CPU.

Now this is another bit to take note: Overheating also often triggers battery drain (high-temperature conditions typically cause this), which is this article’s next topic. As with overheating, a lot of different culprits can be blamed for battery drain, and it shares something similar with the first problem: there’s too much going on, which burns battery life faster than normal.

Among the biggest power-guzzlers are location services, like map/navigation apps and services that offer location-based data, like Foursquare. The fix is simple. If you’re not using these apps, turn them off. It’s as easy as opening settings>privacy>location services, finding the apps you want to turn off, and then moving the slider to the “off” position to keep them from accessing location information. Unnecessary visual effects are also among the power-guzzlers, as well as background app refresh—a feature that allows certain apps on your phone to download regular updates using Wi-Fi.

The worst-case scenario is that you’ve tried everything that was mentioned here to no avail. In that case, your iPhone might be harbouring a deeper issue within its hardware and software, which is likely out of your reach. In that unfortunate moment, your best choice is to bring it to an iPhone repair centre near Melbourne, such as TWorld ICT Corp Pty., Ltd, and have the experts take it from there.

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