iPhone 4 Signal a Bit Shaky? Professional iPhone 4 Repairs Can Help

When the iPhone 4 was launched in Melbourne and other parts of the world in 2010, it caused quite a stir—and not all in a good way. Some of those who spent hours lining up to get a whiff of that new iPhone smell subsequently found out that the phone had difficulty connecting to the network, with all signs pointing to issues with the antenna.

iPhone 4 Signal a Bit Shaky Professional iPhone 4 Repairs Can Help

Problems with the iPhone 4’s antenna became a hot topic, although not all iPhone 4 units actually experienced crippling signal interruptions. Several owners reported that their handsets were often dropping calls, and they had more trouble getting a good signal reception compared to competing smartphones. This prompted countless consumers to seek out professional iPhone repairs.

Apple itself initially denied any problem, but after launching its own investigation, the company did pinpoint a problem with the antenna. Initially, Apple pointed to an incorrect signal display as the cause of the reception problem. According to the in-house investigation, several phones mistakenly displayed 2 more bars than it should for a specific signal strength, so it was easy to believe one had strong signal only to suddenly lose it. One recommended solution was to download an official software update to fix the way signal bars were displayed.

This finding, however, didn’t explain the data and voice degradation. After a careful digging into the iPhone 4’s schematics, experts found out that the longer antenna (which was ironically designed to reduce signal interruptions) which runs through the length of the phone’s side (with a tiny strip located at the bottom edge next to the mic), performed terribly if covered by the user’s hand in a specific style of gripping. This resulted in a massive 19.8dB signal loss as the skin touched the “dead spot”.

If you are experiencing this problem with your iPhone 4, you can perform a few things to resolve the antenna problem. You can buy a special case (as recommended by Apple), or use something suitable to cover that “dead spot”. You can use duct tape, install a plastic film, or any other suitable covering; or simply grip the phone differently to avoid contact with the problematic strip. If all these fail, then maybe there’s a deeper problem underneath that can only be fixed by experts on iPhone 4 repairs, such as TWorld ICT Corp. Pty, Ltd.



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