HTC Repair in Melbourne: No Phone Too Complicated for the Experts

HTC One: Good phone, but good luck fixing it.

Gadget repair guide iFixit dismantled this phone down to its circuitry back in 2013, only to rate it 1 out of 10 (10 being the easiest) in terms of reparability. A crew of experts had to go through shielding after shielding just to get to the replaceable components, including the battery. In addition, the HTC One’s list of recommended tools accrued over $100 U.S. in costs.

A few months after gadget review sites started reporting about the HTC One’s poor reparability, Justin Huang, who led the phone’s design team, responded to the reports. During HTC Frequencies Asia in Bangkok, he told reporters that the manufacturer uses a special tool to remove the back cover with ease and access the phone’s electronic components.

“During the development [of the One], there was another team inside HTC who looked at the repair process. So every phone sent to HTC, they have a special tool to disassemble the back cover, to let us have the ability to access all the components inside.”

It gets even harder. Only HTC has the tool, and it’s not sharing.

HTC One is highly repairable with special secret tool, says lead designer

Robust Build
HTC One’s repair difficulty is attributed to its seamless construction, i.e. virtually no screws to hold the frame together. HTC calls this the “zero-gap construction,” in which materials are injected into the chassis during machining, thereby leaving no gaps behind. The technology began with Apple’s iPhone 5S; the HTC One is the first Android phone to follow this manufacturing process.

The upside of this seamless design is that parts are less likely to shatter when the device hits the ground. However, no amount of shielding can protect sensitive electronics from a well-placed smack on the pavement. One way or another, the phone has to be dismantled to locate the problem and repair it.

Intricate Process
Fortunately, Melbourne HTC repair centres such as TWorld ICT are capable of fixing virtually all phone and tablet models. All they need from you is a little patience.

For the record, HTC One isn’t impossible to repair, just more challenging than the rest. Technicians will need more time than usual to dismantle the unit, address the problem, and put the phone back together. A few hours may be out of the question, especially if they have other phones to fix—unless, of course, you opted for priority service.

In the meantime, you can count on a service-oriented mobile phone repair provider such as TWorld ICT to lend you any phone of your choice for as long as your phone is undergoing mobile phone repairs in Melbourne. No additional costs here, though, as the loan phone costs you nothing.

(Source: “HTC One is highly repairable with special secret tool, says lead designer,” Engadget)

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