Handle with Care: Common Reasons behind Need for iPhone Screen Repair

The iPhone itself is a marvellous piece of modern convenience, but it wouldn’t work its wonders if it’s broken. Unfortunately, people aren’t very good at keeping their iPhones intact, making services like iPhone screen repair or replacement a must. In an article posted at the PC Advisor website, it was highlighted in a report that a person could damage his or her iPhone within 10 weeks, from minor nicks to full-blown cracked screens. In fact, it was also reported that users are more likely to damage newer iPhone models compared to old ones.

Handle with Care Common Reasons behind Need for iPhone Screen Repair

Most people can place their phones at risk of damage in a variety of settings. A survey by a U.S.-based warranty provider indicated that people accidentally ruin their iPhones most in the kitchen, followed a close second by in the living room and the bathroom. All in all, about 51 percent of iPhone accidents happen indoors rather than outdoors, which almost entirely puts the blame on the owners’ carelessness.

Carelessness is the key word to ponder on. As it turns out, people can get quite lax with the way they handle their phones, causing unexpected (and at times, devastating damage to their trusty devices). For one, overexcitement while watching sports. One person may be watching a game at the arena or in the living room with buddies, and in a fit of crazed excitement, he unknowingly flings the phone outward as his hands fly up in celebration. The following sequence of events is now certain—feelings of regret followed by despair, then a visit to the nearest iPhone 4 screen replacement centre in either Melbourne or any other locale.

Accidentally sitting on the phone is also pretty common. A good number of people dread missing a key moment in the latest episode of their beloved TV series or a quick-time event in their favourite video game, and as a result, they unknowingly squish their phones as they sit down on the couch. According to popular tech site PC Advisor, about 32 percent of damaged iPhones are a result of being accidentally sat on.

Smartphones like the iPhone are designed to last, yet without proper care and handling, it won’t take long before you need a new gadget to hold. Fortunately, you don’t always have to spend for a new device if your current one breaks down, you can count on repair service providers like TWorld ICT Corp. Pty Ltd. to patch up your phone and restore it to an optimal working condition.



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