Why You Should Get an Android Phone from a Telstra Shop in Melbourne

We live in the age of smartphones. By now, a significant percentage of mobile users in the Land Down Under operate a smartphone on a daily basis. With plenty of choices from different brands, it can be hard to choose a phone that will best suit your needs. In an article for Business Insider, Steve Kovach shared his thoughts on the advantages of buying an Android phone.

Android Phones

According to Kovach, the most favorable feature of an Android phone—such as one that can be purchased from a Telstra shop in Melbourne–is that it is highly-customisable. The Android operating system is a very open platform: From tweaking the appearance of the homescreen to designing a custom ROM, an Android device can be anything that a user wants it to be. Android units are designed to accommodate apps that can customise nearly every aspect of the phone, unlike in other devices that are stuck with their particular designs. One can change the keyboard, add widgets, and edit the phone’s theme almost in a flash.

Kovach added that Android phones are packed with features that their competitors have a hard time matching. If you prefer a larger screen and better visibility on your phone, then the Android line is best suited for you. You can also expand these devices’ memory, something that even iPhones cannot do. In addition, Android’s partnership with Google improves the mobile experience with better maps and navigation, an intuitive online interface, an integrated voice feature, and other exclusive Google services.

Android is not exclusive to a single brand; it has a wide range of varieties to choose from. Since Android is an open platform, many devices can be integrated with an Android software. The product line also supports better hardware for enhanced gaming and multitasking capabilities. More importantly, Kovach emphasized that while an Android phone is relatively more affordable than other devices, it does not sacrifice quality.

Android phones are definitely a smart choice for a smartphone. Visit nearest trusted Telstra store in Melbourne to check out the wide range of Android devices available and start having a unique mobile experience.

(Source: 7 Reasons Why You Should Buy An Android Phone Instead Of An iPhone, Business Insider)

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