Galaxy Glitch: When Must You Visit a Melbourne Samsung Repair Center?

Don’t you just hate it when your phone leaves you hanging? If only you knew a way out or if you took measures to prevent it…

An article by Ryan Inoyori for the International Business Times outlined simple tips and tricks on common issues encountered with a Samsung Galaxy S3 phone. Most of the suggestions entail ingenious explorations of your phone’s buttons, features, menus and settings. Some are even applicable to other Samsung and android phones.

Samsung Galaxy

For example, power saving options like turning off data connection can extend battery life. However, there are times that even if you charged your battery to full level, it might die after an hour. There will be instances that no matter what button you click or how many times you reboot your phone, the problem will still persist. Here are some more signs that may warrant a trip to a mobile repair professional for Samsung in Melbourne:

  • You have constant poor network or WiFi reception after making sure the connection is actually available.
  • You have awful audio output (e.g. white noise intertwines with your music) or you can’t hear anything at all.
  • The person on the other line can’t hear you speaking.
  • The system freezes randomly or permanently.
  • The battery life is impossibly short, or your phone charger is not working at all.
  • Your phone overheats, gives of sparks especially when charging.
  • Your phone gets water-damaged.
  • Sudden Death Syndrome happens, wherein your phone dies for no apparent reason and you can’t revive it.

When the above damages occur, it would be best to leave the fixing to the experts. Replacements for audio hardware, speakers, microphones, battery, and other parts can be easily done for most cases. In-depth appraisals and repair by technicians with specialized skills and tools can be done for system hardware and software concerns.

Reliable companies for phone repairs in Melbourne like TWorld ICT offer free quotations, convenient temporary replacement, or loan phones, and even give warranties for their services to ensure overall customer satisfaction. Giving irate calls to your phone company might just fall on deaf ears, especially when you’re out of warranty. Don’t be left hanging! Do the smart thing and have your smartphone fixed by a mobile repair expert without delay.

(Article Information and Image from Samsung Galaxy S3: Top 15 Tips and Tricks on How-to-Fix Commonly Known Issues, International Business Times, September 5, 2013)

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