Find Trusted Providers of iPhone Repairs in Melbourne for Wet iPhones

find-trusted-providers-iphone-repairs-melbourne-wet-iphonesWho doesn’t bring his iPhone to the bathroom? Indeed, Apple’s ever-handy set of gadgets have reached the point where it is almost an inseparable part of human life, yet this fact only means that it has become more prone to damage and wear, particularly water damage. Here are some basic tips on iPhone repairs in Melbourne for when it takes a suicide plunge:

Don’t Turn It On

Much like a trusted friend who fell on his face right in front of you, instinct will almost immediately tell you to check up on his condition. Whatever you do, though, always resist the urge to turn on your iPhone right after you’ve fished it out of the toilet or bathtub (turn it off immediately if it’s already on). Doing this only serves to ensure that water will damage the electronic components inside.

Let It Dry

Get a Ziploc bag, stuff it with enough uncooked rice to bury your iPhone in, and put the device inside. This should help remove much of the moisture that it has been subjected to. After leaving it this way for a few days, set it up in a warm area and again, leave it to dry for a few days.

Call the Pros

Contact a reliable iPhone repair professional to have a look at your device and repair it for water damage as necessary. Firms like TWorld ICT should have professionals that can efficiently repair your iPhone without worrying about damaging it further if you were to open it up yourself. Look for reputable repair companies in the internet and ask them for client referrals if you can, to know of their work quality.

The Apple Solution

An article explains that you can opt to bring your water-damaged phone to Apple itself, for a fee:

While moisture damage isn’t covered by Apple warranties, a new Apple policy introduced in May 2009, though not advertised, reportedly has Apple willing to trade submerged iPhones for refurbished models for US$199 (no word on replacement of iPods). You’ll likely need to request this offer and be able to demonstrate that the iPhone was submerged.

Whether it be water damage repair or iPhone screen repairs in Melbourne, remember to choose only technicians who can guarantee quality workmanship. This way, you can assure that your trusted gadget will live to spend more years supplying your needs for communication, knowledge and entertainment.

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