The Dos and Don’ts of Melbourne iPhone Screen Repair and Maintenance

Sure, efficient iPhone screen repair in Melbourne, especially the services of trusted companies like TWorld ICT Corp Pty Ltd, might be affordable, but it won’t always be when you’re having your phone repaired every so often. The best way to keep excellent investments like iPhones from being a burden on your wallet is to learn the proper way of cleaning and maintaining them so they won’t be vulnerable to damages that can render them useless. Check out these simple dos and don’ts that you should always bear in mind:

Smartphone Touchscreen

Don’t: Harsh Cleaning Chemicals

Don’t use harsh chemicals or certain acids whenever you’re cleaning your phone – otherwise you’ll be left with a corroded case or screen that might give out at any moment. Basically, most solutions with ammonia or chemical cleaners should be off limits – when you do have to use a liquid cleaner though, pour a very small amount of the solution diluted with water on a small piece of cloth.

Do: Microfiber Cloth

As with almost any piece of glass that’s sensitive to scratches and chips, few other cleaning and wiping solutions are more appropriate for use in wiping your smartphone screen than the microfiber cloth. This material contains fibres so tiny, they can barely scratch the glass surface, unlike other, more abrasive materials like conventional cloth, paper towels, and tissue paper.

Cleaning Tips

Here are some tips from an article posted at on cleaning your smartphone screen:

1. Turn off the device. This step is actually optional, but if you’ll be using any water, this is a good idea. At the very least, turning off the device’s screen allows you to see the dirt more easily.

2. Wipe horizontally or vertically across the touchscreen in one repeating direction with the microfiber cloth. […] Next, move the cloth a bit lower and repeat this process to clean the entire screen.

3. If necessary, use a small amount of water (don’t add soap or anything else to the water) to make a corner of the cloth slightly damp. Use the damp part of the cloth to clean the screen in the same way.

4. Wipe the screen with the dry part of the microfiber cloth — in the same way you cleaned the touchscreen above — to dry it off a bit.

Remember that whenever your smartphone’s screen goes beyond being rescued by a simple buff or so, take it to some professionals for dependable iPhone screen repairs in Melbourne. Note that neglecting the needs of your phone might cause you a lot of trouble when you need your phone the most, so be diligent in keeping it in tiptop shape.

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