Common Reasons for Mobile Phone Repairs in Melbourne: Shattered Screen

Melbourne, Australia is home to approximately 4 million people, and if statistics are to be believed, one person in every five in the city owns a smartphone. Phone repair companies like TWorld ICT will tell you that most of the Melbourne mobile phone repairs services that they carry out are damage due to a device being dropped accidentally, usually resulting in a broken screen.

scratch-proof or shtter-proof

Fragile Components tech writer Taylor Martin has this to say about the fragile glass screen and display components of a typical smartphone:

Whether you drop your phone, toss it on tables, place it in the same pocket as something such as keys or change, or even if you handle it with the utmost care, tiny dings, nicks, and scratches will ultimately appear over time. Some of us avoid it like the plague for as long as possible. […]

The frame and housing of our smartphones are the least of our worries. Those may get mangled and chewed up in a drop, but typically bounce off the ground and keep the internals ticking without skipping a beat.

The Achilles’ heel of modern smartphones is till the single most rigid and fragile component: the glass covering the display. The display itself is a relatively fragile component, too.

Continued Problem

Physical damage is almost an inevitable fact when it comes to something that’s used so often and for so many purposes. Add to that the fact that most mobile phones’ Liquid Crystal Displays (LCDs) are less than a fourth of an inch thick, and that touch screen displays are even thinner, and you have a problem that probably won’t go away and can’t be avoided for a long time.

Tech Protection

Aside from smartphone manufacturers’ continuous efforts to better their own technology’s durability, there are many accessories available today that aim to protect handheld gadgets from physical damage. For instance, some scratch-proof cases and covers have been developed to serve as cushion and reduce the impact on the screen when it falls.


There are many things you can do yourself to protect your smartphone, though—start by making sure that it fits snugly in your hands and is very unlikely to slip out of your grip. Also, never place your phone on top of objects that, though heavy and bulky, might fall down and bring your phone along with it.

Keeping your smartphone away from harm might seem like something that doesn’t really need to be said, especially seeing as how pricey they can be these days. Nevertheless, accidents do happen, so apart from doing your part in protecting your phone, you should also have your local Melbourne mobile phone repair professionals on speed dial.

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