Common Problems and Repair Tips for Samsung Phone Users in Melbourne

Experience has shown on a number of occasions, that it is quite common to see a new smartphone besieged with a few teething problems. Sometimes, you get lucky and the problem is widespread and minor, so the solution is quickly known or the manufacturer fixes it right away—but this is not always the case. The problem may be serious and persistent, recurring even after phone repairs.

Common Problems and Repair Tips for Samsung Phone Users in Melbourne

Last year in Melbourne, telecoms giant, Samsung unrolled its latest flagship line: the Galaxy S5. Designed to be powerful and professional, it is feature-packed as ever, so it has a lot to offer. While it has received its fair share of accolades, it is not without its share of consumer complaints and problems either. Here are the three most common Samsung Galaxy S5 problems and some potential solutions on how to fix them.

Camera Crash – The S5 features one of the fastest cameras on any smartphone, both in terms of focus time and clear shooting. Unfortunately, this rapid response speed sometimes causes issues where the camera app crashes instead of capturing that magic moment.

This problem may have been caused by enabling the image stabiliser option, which usually helps you get brighter, clear pictures in low light without utilising the flash, but it also requires added image processing that makes taking pictures slower and could even keep the camera from functioning. If you encounter this problem, check the camera settings to see if you have this option enabled or not.

Water Damages – Yes the S5 is water resistant, like it says on the box, but sometimes people mistake water resistance to mean indestructible by water. The back cover is removable so it may not be as water proof as you might expect. Be careful when using your phone near bodies of water or in the bathroom.

Overheating – If you experience way too much heating from your S5, especially in the battery area, it’s probably caused by the brightness of the screen. Lower the brightness and reduce the screen timeout to about 10-15 seconds then wait. If the temperature is still too high for comfort, then your battery may be damaged. Take it to a technician for safe and proper inspection

If you’ve tried these tips but your phone still has issues, then the problem is probably beyond your level of expertise and it may be time to call in the experts. There are mobile phone repair centres in Melbourne like TWorld ICT Corp. Pty Ltd. that have the required experience and skill to fix your nagging S5 issues in a short period. Simply search online and read satisfied client reviews if you have doubts.



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