Choosing the Perfect Smartphone for You from Melbourne Telstra Shops

Smartphones are a necessity in today’s interconnected world, whether you are a trendy teenager or a down-to-earth businessman. With a large number of models to choose from, The Age contributor Julia Talevski listed smartphone brands that have proven their quality over the past few years and are readily available from Melbourne Telstra shops:

Right Smartphone

If someone told you in 1999 that before the next decade was over, you’d be doing most of your written communications with your mobile phone, you probably would have looked at your handset and wondered how.

Now, with 3G wireless broadband, full “qwerty” keypads, multimedia capabilities, high-resolution touch screens plus a host of security and backup features, smartphones have become a mainstay for many businesses. Not all smartphone platforms are created equal, however.

From the makers of the successful Mac OS, the iPhone has gathered a very sizeable following. The iPhone boasts of many useful apps that casual users and business professionals alike can find useful. The entire iPhone lineup is extremely popular due to its quality builds, fluid operating systems, and user-friendly interfaces. If you are someone who prefers an aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly phone, then the iPhone is perfect for your needs.

Android phones can match what the iPhone can offer, and are also fully equipped with useful apps that anyone can enjoy. What sets them apart from iPhones is that they are highly customisable and easy to explore. Android phones offer a lot of Google-related apps and is specifically designed to make synchronising e-mails and other files from your computer much easier. If you prefer a phone that can be readily adjusted to your preferences at the moment, then Android phones are what you’re looking for.

BlackBerry phones are considered the ultimate business devices. They are small compared to other smartphones, thus making it easier for users to be mobile. BlackBerry phones are popular for their e-mail organisation system and physical keypad that facilitates faster typing. Without being overly flashy, these rugged and high-performance devices feature state-of-the-art encryption capabilities that can deliver a more secure mobile experience. If you don’t prefer touchscreens or if you are someone who works with sensitive information, then the BlackBerry lineup is for you.

To stay connected in this interactive age, visit established Telstra dealers in Melbourne to check out these brands and get your own through an affordable payment plan.

(Source: How to choose the right smartphone, The Age)

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