Can’t Solve Screen Flickering? An iPhone Screen Repair Centre Can Help

You’re minding your own business and simultaneously sending a text while listening to music when all of a sudden, your phone’s screen starts flickering. This is certainly annoying to a certain degree, but don’t forget that it may also be a harbinger of concerns regarding your phone, from simple issues to bigger underlying problems.


If you own an iPhone, this situation can happen to you at any time. Flickering is something that several users of later models (specifically the iPhone 5) have complained about on forums and during their visits to iPhone screen repair shops in Melbourne in recent years.

In many instances, the iPhone 5’s screen flickers whenever the keyboard pops up. From the looks of it, this issue might be a software bug since it only involves the keyboard’s launch. Such a glitch is heralded by the on-screen image being distorted with jagged lines, reminiscent of an old TV trying to search for a signal. If you ever experience this on your iPhone 5, simply update your iOS and see what happens as the bug seems to only manifest in connection with the keyboard.

The same problem has been noted on the iPhone 4. Users report the same jagged lines that distort the screen, though the flickering is a bit lighter and less pronounced on this earlier model. Tech enthusiast Josh Benson writes that he found success with a certain troubleshooting solution—i.e. go to Settings>Brightness, disable the Auto Brightness feature for a short while, then turn it back on. If that fix gets you no results, disabling Auto Brightness entirely and pulling the brightness slider down just below max just might work.

Most tech experts believe, however, that a software issue is often to blame for the flickering screen problem, particularly as regards the operating system (OS). A number of users support this hypothesis and report that screen flickering tends to coincide with app compatibility problems. For people on the opposing side, however, a flickering screen is nothing but a hardware issue—perhaps something as simple as a connecting cable that is too loose or as serious as a busted LCD altogether.

At any rate, screen flickering can be downright upsetting as it prevents you from using your phone. If you own a later-gen iPhone and are experiencing the same issues, your best bet is to take your phone to an authorised service provider such as TWorld ICT Corp Pty., Ltd that specialises in iPhone screen repairs and caters to customers in Melbourne and other areas.


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