Bad Fido! Pets Can Lead to iPhone Repairs for Melbourne Residents

It’s no secret that Australians are big animal lovers, with about 63% of households in the continent sheltering a pet. Aussies love pampering their furry pals, too, spending about $780 million in 2011 alone on pet products and accessories.

Gadget Damage

Of course, you might also shell out money when Fido makes a chew toy out of your gadgets. In fact, in America alone, pet owners spend billions of dollars as a result of animal-caused gadget damage. John M. Chang of the American Broadcasting Corporation wrote about this issue in an article:

..Do you have a cat or dog? If so, you might have more to worry about than your own clumsiness breaking your stuff. A new survey conducted by the SquareTrade insurance company suggests that our four-legged friends are responsible for the destruction of over 8 million devices, totaling more than $3 billion in repair and replacement costs.

Ty Shay, the chief marketing officer for SquareTrade, said that the inspiration behind the survey came from the various types of claims SquareTrade got from its own customers. “We were getting a lot of calls from customers with broken devices saying, ‘My dog chewed my tablet,’ or ‘My cat knocked my soda onto my laptop.’

SquareTrade established the breakdown of the damage as such: 20% is caused by peeing or vomiting, 60% is due to chewing, and the remaining 20% is a result of a pet knocking a gadget down the toilet or spilling a drink on it. The report also shed light on the particular culprits: it appears that dogs are twice as likely to cause an accident as cats. Furthermore, smartphones are their most common victims.

While no local insurance company has conducted a similar survey, many Australians are no doubt familiar with this scenario. Sadly, few insurers, if any, offer coverage against the havoc that your four-legged companions might cause. As such, your only resort will be to get iPhone repairs in Melbourne.

Fortunately, there are shops like TWorld ICT Corp. Pty. Ltd. that offer expert gadget repairs so your phone or tablet will be good as new in no time at all. They even offer iPhone 4 repairs to Melbourne clients who have yet to upgrade their handsets.

Pets do offer unconditional love, but their natural curiosity can also be a source of mischief and headaches. If you find yourself with a smashed or soaked gadget due to your pet’s playfulness, take it immediately to a trusted repair shop so you can use it again ASAP.

(Source: Your Pets Are Responsible For $3B in Gadget Damage, ABC News)

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