Aussie Habits Make Melbourne Mobile Phone Repairs Necessary as Ever

Apparently, no phone is safe in the Land Down Under. A Microsoft-commissioned survey has found that Australians have some pretty odd mobile phone habits, several of which can lead to damaging or breaking their phones. Almost 50% of Australians said they used their phones while using the toilet and during activities where phone use is seen as far from ideal, such as during meals with other people and while driving. The article from The Sydney Morning Herald has more to say on the findings:

Mobile Phone Habits

Almost one in two Australians admit to using their mobile phone while on the toilet and a quarter of men believe the mobile is an acceptable way to propose to their partner, a survey reveals.

The survey, commissioned by Microsoft and completed by 2,500 people across Australia, China, India, Japan and Taiwan, was conducted to determine just how integral the mobile phone has become in society.

It found that 48 per cent of Australians admitted to using the mobile phone while in the toilet, compared to 66 per cent of Chinese people who do so.

Of the occasions surveyed, 80 per cent of people said they would use their phone while eating a meal with others, 62 per cent said they’d use it while driving and 48 per cent would do so while trying to sleep.

With almost one in two Australians admitting to using their phones while in the bathroom, it’s not surprising that about 13% damage their phones by dropping it down the toilet. Others drop their phones in their drinks or accidentally sit on it, while a whopping 46% have experienced having their phones fall out of their bags or pockets. 2% even admit destroying their phones on purpose.

Buying a new mobile phone can be impractical due to the expense; fortunately, many kinds of phone damage are easily repairable by skilled phone technicians. Water damage, screen replacement, speaker repair, and even cosmetic damages such as scratches and dents can be wiped away by mobile phone repairs in Melbourne and other cities, making the broken phone good as new.

Reputable Melbourne mobile phone repair shops such as TWorld ICT Corp Pty Ltd even offer 24-hour turn around for most repairs, with a 90-day warranty tacked on top of the service, making the repairs both convenient and protected should anything go wrong again within the time period.

Some Australian phone habits may not be in the best interest of their devices, but luckily, mobile phone repairs help save units from an untimely demise. After all, no one likes being dropped in the toilet, not even phones.

(Source: Survey shows strange mobile phone habits, The Sydney Morning Herald)

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