Android Units Fortify Lead for Samsung in Melbourne and Other Oz Areas

16 million out of Australia’s 23.5 million population are swiping and tapping on their phones every single day. Perhaps a testament to Australians being fast-adopters and a way to bridge the gaps between the spread-out country, research has found that more than half of all Australians aged 14 up have smartphones, whether it’s for business, socialization, or managing daily tasks. The Sydney Herald has more information on the findings of the study:


Nearly two-thirds of the Australian population now own a smartphone, according to new research which shows more time is being spent online using the devices.

From ownership rates of 37 per cent in 2011, penetration has soared to 64.6 per cent, driven by a slew of new models, slicker operating systems, better software and improving networks.

The Aussie ownership rate is higher than most other developed nations including the US, UK, Germany and France, according to research by Google and marketing firm, Ipsos.

In addition, another study has found that more Aussies preferred Samsung phones over iPhones when it comes to units purchased with a contract. Unique Android perks may have had a hand in pushing Samsung to the lead. For example, Android’s Google Play allows users to install other apps from other sources, offering more flexibility about what people can download on their phones. It also offers more choices when it comes to devices, and allows greater customization that makes it attractive to potential buyers.

However, smartphones are still not impervious to damage in spite of their advanced technology and features. In fact, the sensitivity of the device’s touch screen can make them more vulnerable to wear and tear than older models. Melbourne Samsung owners, for instance, are not immune to having their devices break down from water damage, cracked screens, or lags in the camera and other software. With phones being used as much as they are, it’s not surprising that they’ll suffer some damage down the road.

Buying a brand-new phone when the old one gets broken is not only costly but also impractical. For Android users, Samsung phone repairs from Melbourne shops such as TWorld ICT Corp Pty Ltd are readily available for various kinds of mobile device damage. Reliable shops also assure users of a 24-hour waiting time for repairs that many Aussies will appreciate; after all, no one really wants to part with their phones when there’s still so much tapping and swiping to do.

(Source: Two-thirds of Aussies own a smartphone: report, The Sydney Morning Herald)

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