Visit a Melbourne Samsung Phone Repair Centre for Your Galaxy S3 Woes

The Android 4.3 update for the Samsung Galaxy S3 was released in late 2013, and since then, a lot of users have encountered problems with their devices after the upgrade. According to the International Business Times, most of these problems affect the S3’s voice command, Safe Mode, and power-saving functions, although others seem to affect the multi-window support for the device. One expert believes that tinkering with the phone’s operating system (OS) can fix any of these issues, though there is no guarantee it will:

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“The highly likely root cause of the problem is corrupted firmware data. Each problem can be solved individually although it might be easier to address everything at once by reverting to the previous OS. Users will also be better off to download and install another firmware. A factory reset should also be in order. If these solutions do not solve the problems then taking the device to the service provider is the next best solution.

Frustrating though they may be, these problems should give S3 owners no reasons to hurl their phones at a wall. Instead, one can turn to a mobile phone repair experts like TWorld ICT Corp that provides support for various smartphone brands like HTC, Apple, and Samsung in Melbourne. Galaxy S3 owners are also advised not to jump to conclusions because some of their device problems may actually have simple remedies. Indeed, a factory reset should be considered as the last resort.

For example, faulty multi-window support in the Galaxy S3 can be easily fixed by selecting Home Screen Mode in the settings and simply rebooting the phone’s OS. Meanwhile, downloading a battery management app can fix most battery problems with the device. Finally, if users encounter inconsistencies with the notifications they receive, they need only clear their download history.

All this assumes that the problems are software, rather than hardware, in nature. If it is the other way around, S3 users cannot resort to simple DIY solutions and should instead visit a reliable provider of Samsung phone repairs in Melbourne. One way for S3 users to check if their device problems are hardware in nature is to take their device apart and do a visual inspection of the circuit board.

Any circuit board component that is dislodged, scratched, or burned can cause any mobile phone to suffer problems with the screen, keypad, camera, and the like. If neither a reboot nor an upgrade to the new Android 4.4 OS fixes the problem, then Galaxy S3 users most certainly have a hardware problem in their hands.

(Source: Samsung Galaxy S3 Android 4.3 Problems Arise, Quick Fixes and More, International Business Times, May 27, 2014)

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