Telstra Melbourne Provides Internet Access in Virtually Any Location

Gone are the days when one can only access the Internet through desktop computers. With the advent of Wi-Fi, mobile broadband, and other innovations, you can go online almost anywhere there is an available network connection. Thanks to mobile operators like Telstra in Melbourne, you can access the Internet:

Telstra Trialling

Within Hotspots

Wi-Fi companies have expanded the number of hotspots all over Australia. Pioneers like Telstra aim to reach the 2 million mark locally (and 12 million internationally). With local governments and commercial businesses commonly set up as hotspots, customers can get free Wi-Fi, while non-customers need only pay minimal fees.

While You’re On the Go

Most smartphone users love the fact that they can browse the Web, stream movies or television shows, and download files at pretty decent speeds. A recent Akamai State of the Internet study showed that average Australian 4G networks theoretically peak at 150Mbps. Telstra has impressively tripled data speeds during an LTE-A testing. Mobile internet plans from Melbourne Telstra dealers like TWorld ICT can bundle your fast internet connection with calls and text messages at affordable rates.

Up in the Sky (SOON)

“THE sky may soon be the limit for using your phone and the internet while on board a flight,’ writes finance journalist Sophie Elsworth in an article for The Australian.

“Telstra has begun trialling the use of mobiles on planes, including the ability to deliver a broadband signal to aircraft that allows phone users to use 4G to browse the web, send and receive emails, make video calls, watch movies and download music and photos.

The testing of the “Skinet” network on mock flights between Melbourne and Sydney has so far delivered fast speeds of up to 15 megabits per second.

About 1 to 2 megabits per second is needed by mobile phone users on the ground to download a video or music.

Telstra executive director Mike Wright said the testing had so far succeeded with flying colours, delivering fast web capabilities for customers.”

While the project’s final details are still being ironed out, airline passengers still need to follow standard airline policies currently in effect. For instance, mobile phones must be turned off prior to departure and kept on flight mode as the plane cruises or as allowed by a specific airline. However, the above initiatives show a sneak peak of the wonderful possibilities mobile internet users can soon enjoy.

(Source: Telstra trialling 4G network between Sydney and Melbourne, The Australian, May 12, 2014)

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