Technological Breakthrough: On the Future of Mobile Phone Repairs

Given the world’s demand for staying informed and connected, it’s safe to say that most people rely heavily on their smartphones. The easy internet access, social media apps, games, and other functions have made them an integral part of your daily routine. For some, a phone is not just for communication purposes, but a valuable companion that helps them overcome boredom and keeps them updated with current events. So it comes as no surprise that people sometimes panic when their phones break down.

Technological Breakthrough On the Future of Mobile Phone Repairs

The Broken Screen

Usually there are many underlying issues that require mobile phone repairs, some of which are avoidable. A very common phone problem in Melbourne, or pretty much anywhere, is the cracked screen display. Most smartphone screens are made with glass because it provides better clarity than plastic or fibre. Sad to say, an accidental drop could damage the screen and render the phone virtually unusable. To avoid this, people are often advised to keep their mobile devices in protective cases that can absorb the impact of a drop.

Technological Breakthrough

Due to advancements in technology, cracked screen problems may soon be a thing of the past. According to a Forbes article by contributor Leo King, engineers have made giant strides with a material that is capable of healing itself. They are hoping to apply this breakthrough to the phone manufacturing process within a few years. This self-repair works almost similarly to how blood clots after a cut. The healing ‘agent’ which is a combination of carbon-based chemicals has been successful in tests and is expected to be incorporated in the phone industry within five years.

Originally, the said self-repairing agent was developed for the aviation sector, where it enables airplane wings to heal during flight; however, other sectors including beauty industry giants have expressed a strong interest in its potential. This could usher in a new set of limitless possibilities and open a world of fresh opportunities for consumer related products.

While, it is not yet fully certain which region will first adopt this new innovation, you can probably assume that Australia, with its leading industries in manufacturing and technology, may be among the top runners.

Unfortunately, this revolutionary upgrade is still a few years away, and your damaged phone can’t wait that long. If you need an iPhone or HTC repair service in Melbourne, you can easily search the web for qualified repair companies like TWorld ICT Corp. Pty Ltd., which has lengthy experience and expertise in handling a variety of phone problems.



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