Smartphones from a Melbourne Telstra Shop Help Achieve Health Goals

Smartphones offer a lot of advantages, particularly in aspects like communication, information storage and sharing, and organizing. Getting Apple or Android phones from a Melbourne Telstra shop enables you to enjoy these benefits, one of which relates to your health. A recent Thomson Reuters article for IT news and business resource CRN provides a preview of Healthkit, Apple’s brainchild that targets the emerging mobile health market.

Health Kit

“Apple took the wraps off a mobile application that can collect and analyse users’ health data, part of a suite of new features outlined for its computing and mobile software, at its annual developers’ conference on Monday.

Called “Healthkit,” it will pull together data such as blood pressure and weight, collected by a growing plethora of healthcare apps on the iPhone or iPad, Apple executives told developers.

The company will work in tandem with Nike, a major player in fitness tracking, and the Mayo Clinic on the new feature, which will be included with the latest versions of Apple’s mobile software.

The news follows arch-rival Samsung’s announcement last week of a mobile health-data store called SAMI (Samsung Architecture Multimodal Interactions).”

Meanwhile, a Gizmodo article details the impressive features of HealthKit. Aside from the traditional fitness tracking tools, the app lets you privately store personal health data and optionally send it to your health care provider. As a digital medical record keeper, HealthKit is set to revolutionise the way you monitor and handle your general health.

Samsung’s SAMI, on the other hand, was introduced together with Simband, a device with health sensors that track a person’s heart rate, temperature, body fat, stress levels, and other biometrics. SAMI will send the medical data to a cloud network to be analysed and supervised by health care providers.

Other smartphone health and medical apps aid health goals in similar ways. Most of the downloadable software can be used to retrieve relevant health information, such as diet programmes. Other apps address specific conditions, such as a sober app that helps recovering alcoholics. Upon the approval of Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration, a few innovative apps with hi-tech sensors that can be classified as medical devices even have diagnostic and treatment claims.

As the technology gets even better, one can only expect developers to release even more intelligent health apps for Apple and Android users. Indeed, getting your own smartphone from reputable Telstra shops in Melbourne like TWorld ICT can help you keep track of your health and maintain a balanced, optimal lifestyle.

(Source: Apple unwraps ‘Healthkit’, CRN, June 3, 2014)

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