Why Screen Protectors Can’t Replace iPhone Screen Repair in Melbourne

Like its predecessors, the iPhone 6 is equipped with Gorilla Glass, a scratch-resistant alkali-aluminosilicate screen. The latest version, Gorilla Glass 3, features manufacturer Corning’s trademark Native Damage Resistance which, at an atomic level, can better resist scratches and impact.

However, the iPhone can only take so much abuse. Consequently, many users opt for screen protectors, which are either tempered glass or plastic. With Gorilla Glass already scratchproof as it is, however, Craig Lloyd at Gotta Be Mobile questions the need for additional protection.

Does Your iPhone 6 Really Need a Screen Protector

Proper handling is certainly advisable, though it may not be enough to totally prevent damage to your iPhone. Your iPhone, for instance, can probably survive a drop from your backpack or handbag, but it is less likely to do so under extreme conditions. In these situations, Lloyd says having a screen protector, namely military-grade ones, can be useful.

These screen protectors are made out of an incredible material that’s insanely scratch proof. They’re overkill most of the time and are fairly expensive, but they can be good for users who work in construction that would have an iPhone exposed to extreme conditions.

With Gorilla Glass 4 making its debut late November, screen protectors may soon be redundant, however. Yet even with increasingly sophisticated glass manufacturing technology and the best screen protectors in place, smartphone screens can still sustain damage due to factors not arising out of factory defects. Fortunately, trusted Melbourne iPhone screen repair centres can replace broken screens with ease. Some mobile phone repair experts—such as TWorld ICT, for instance—even offer express same-day repair services for a premium as well as pick-up services.

Whether you need iPhone 6 or iPhone 4 screen replacement in Melbourne on an urgent basis, you can count on a repair services provider such as TWorld ICT to restore your phone’s functionality within a reasonable amount of time. Cracked screens and certain other problems, for example, can be resolved within hours, depending on the nature and severity of the damage. While your iPhone is unavailable, you can even ask for a loan phone to ensure that your mobile communication needs are met.

(Source: “Does Your iPhone 6 Really Need a Screen Protector?” Gotta Be Mobile, October 8, 2014)

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