Professional iPhone Repair in Melbourne: Surviving a Mobile Nightmare

professional-iphone-repair-in-melbourne-surviving-a-mobile-nightmareWhat’s an iPhone and why are millions of people around the world willing to brave blistering heat and freezing cold outside store outlets just to be the first to get hold of the latest models? It may be just one of many other smartphone brands out there that can boast multi-touch screen, virtual keyboard, Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity, send and receive email, video games, social networking, and many other functions. Nevertheless, would go to great lengths to have these iPhones and the latest model, the better.

An article by Eric Chemi recently published by BloombergBusinessweek says as much:

Apple (AAPL) Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook has taken plenty of flack for running
a company that is supposedly well past its glory days—and the iPhone smartphone
franchise is sometimes dismissed as a spent force, losing ground to more innovative
brands such as Android and Samsung (005930:KS). Well, here’s a little perspective
for Apple-haters. The iPhone 5s and 5c sold a record 9 million units during the first
weekend after its launch. Consider this: The brand’s sales haul over the last four
reported quarters eclipses that of such companies as Home Depot (HD), Microsoft
(MSFT), Target (TGT), Goldman Sachs (GS), Amazon (AMZN), PepsiCo (PEP),
Comcast (CMCSA), Dell (DELL), Google (GOOG), Pfizer (PFE), and UPS (UPS).

Indeed, many people in different parts of the world like Melbourne, one of Australia’s major cities, cling to their iPhones like prized jewelry. The time, effort, and money they had to spend to acquire an iPhone can justify such an attitude. Yet, what if something goes wrong with their unit that requires major iPhone repair in Melbourne?

It can be stressful for an iPhone unit owner to even temporarily lose the use of his unit. Fortunately, any damage to iPhones can be fixed by companies such as TWorld ICT. They can repair all brands of mobile phones including water damage and an iPhone 4 screen replacement in Melbourne.

iPhones are precious to their owners, but when damaged, there’s no need for them to worry. There’s always a reliable repair service willing to help them restore their unit to good working condition in short order. They can enjoy their smartphone until the latest model is introduced to the market.

(From Listen Up Apple-Haters: Iphone Sales Eclipse Microsoft and Amazon Revenue, BloombergBusinessweek, September 25, 2013)

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