Pre-Order the New iPhone 6S in Melbourne at the Nearest Telstra Store

A few days ago, Apple unveiled the latest gadget in its smartphone line, the iPhone 6S. This nifty device has been so anticipated that scores of people could hardly wait for its official release. On Tuesday, September 8, 2015, International Business Times featured the story of an eager fan camping outside the Apple store in Sydney, Australia, probably awaiting the official announcement of the phone’s release.

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While it is not uncommon to queue outside a phone manufacturer’s outlet, as there are many people around the world who want to be the first to lay their hands on a new product, what makes this particular instance an interesting story is that the people had already set up a tent outside the store even before Apple announced the new product. The expected date of announcement was 10:00 am the next day – in San Francisco. Almost a full day ahead!

Apple has always enjoyed a steadily growing consumer base in Australia. Last year, Australia was the first country to receive both the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 plus. This year, rather than camp outside the Apple office, customers in Melbourne can simply preorder the new lineup at any Telstra store nearest to them. Those who can’t locate a nearby store can place their pre-orders online.

So what is all the buzz about the new iPhone 6S, anyway? Well, tech lovers will certainly enjoy its new 3D touch features. This works by detecting the amount of pressure you apply to the screen to bring up novel commands, enabling new ‘peep’ and ‘pop’ gestures. A next generation of multi-touch capabilities has been added with enhanced hardware and software upgrades for a truly seamless interaction.

In recent times, the LG G4 and the Samsung S6 phones seemed to have overtaken Apple in the smartphone camera category, but the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus are back to mount a serious challenge. With a 50% sensor size increase to its 12MP rear camera and a whopping 400% increase to its 5MP front camera, quality photos and image processing are as simple as its point-and-shoot capabilities.

Its IOS 9 offers upgrades that enable enhanced multitasking features, leading to a faster and much more accurate overall performance. All these and so much more features will be up for grabs as you make your preorder in a Telstra shop. You may also check out partner stores around Melbourne, like Telco World Pty Ltd, if a Telstra outlet is beyond your reach.

Australian Wants First iPhone 6S; Pitches Tent In Front Of Sydney Apple Store, IBTimes, September 08 2015
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