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In an article written by Joshua Sherman for Digital Trends, a mobile phone user Tariq Ali experienced a rare instance wherein his phone overheated and burned from the inside out. The story recounts how Tariq plugged his smartphone before going to sleep, and how he woke up a few hours later to the smell of the phone burning. Fortunately, Tariq was able to react quickly and got the smouldering phone out of the house. The article further discusses the possible consequence posed by intense heat and fire from mobile phones and simple tips in preventing them.

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“Every now and then a smartphone somewhere will malfunction somewhere in the world, causing it to overheat and catch fire, burn the owner, or even (at its worst) set an apartment building ablaze […]

If you are worried about your phone making like a “Hunger Games” movie and catching fire, there are a few steps you can take. The folks at Underwriter Laboratories (UL), who test the millions of gadgets on the market, have reminded us that you can prevent these issues (or minimize your chances) by only using parts that come with your phone or from the manufacturer of your phone. Also, keep your phone away from soft surfaces that prevent airflow, and seek repair services if your phone is damaged or exposed to water.”

Due to the importance of mobile phones in daily life, people are unlikely to leave the house without their nifty gadgets. This makes the mobile phone more susceptible to other damages and accidents like drops or water immersion. Constant usage may also impair functions and make charging more frequent, which can damage the phone’s battery and charging components.

It is imperative that situations where mobile phones endure the damages enumerated above should prompt owners to seek the help of mobile repair professionals from companies like TWorld ICT who are experts in Samsung, iPhone, and HTC repair in Melbourne.

Tinkering with the phone on your own might pose more harm to your gadget and yourself, and having the unit replaced can be quite expensive, especially if it’s no longer covered by a warranty. It’s a good thing that finding quality services for mobile phone repairs in Melbourne from trusted companies like TWorld ICT is quite easy and affordable – you could even get a free quote online!

(Article Information and Image from Samsung refuses to replace burned Galaxy S4 so Nokia offers customer free Lumia, Digital Trends, December 12, 2013)

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