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The trending ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, which seeks to raise funds for ALS research, has inspired a number of businesses to call out on their competitors to do the same or even top what they did. Among these companies is Samsung, whose Galaxy S5 product was recently subject to the challenge; the phone maker subsequently nominated the iPhone 5S, the HTC One M8, and the Nokia Lumia 930 to do the same.

Galaxy S5

The latest Samsung smartphone was launched back in April and is known for its water resistance, as reported by Hayley Tsukayama for The Washington Post:

Samsung’s Galaxy S5 launches on April 11, kicking off the next round of the Korean smartphone maker’s fight to stay on top of the mobile market. But while past models in the Galaxy S line have aimed to show off cutting-edge features to set up Samsung, the S5’s message seems to be: if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.


But in terms of gee-whiz features, the only really notable one on the Galaxy S5 is that it’s water resistant. That means you can use it in a rainstorm, or maybe even at the beach, though maybe not for scuba-diving. Yes, we’ve seen other waterproof phones before from Sony and even from Samsung itself. But it’s notable that we’re now seeing the feature in mainstream phones as a more standard feature, rather than in a separate model.

Samsung is known to elevate the standards of smartphone technology with every launch of a new mobile device model. For instance, the Samsung Galaxy Gear was the first wearable device made available to the market. And with the Galaxy S5, they seek to raise the bar even higher by prompting other brands to incorporate useful features such as resistance to fluids.

However, even though Galaxy S5 is designed with such a feature, this does not mean that the product line is fully water proof. These devices are merely resistant to water up to a certain point, and going beyond this will still result into damage. This is why users should always be cautious with their phones. To ensure effective repairs, Melbourne Samsung device owners must seek only established phone professionals upon experiencing smartphone problems.

Specialist shops that offer phone repairs in Melbourne such as TWorld ICT Corp. Pty. Ltd. have a good track record of handling and solving the problems that Samsung device users usually experience. From broken screens to water damage, these professionals are able to implement effective fixes as they are well-trained in the proper methods of troubleshooting and overhauling mobile phones. They also use tools and equipment that are specially designed for smartphones, thus ensuring a high quality of service.

(Source: Yes, the Galaxy S5 can survive a dunk in the toilet, The Washington Post, April 8, 2014)

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