Mobile Phone Repairs from Melbourne Shop Needed for Affordable Devices

A few years back, Apple and Samsung dominated the market for quality smartphones and mobile devices as these companies were able to utilise high-quality materials, the latest manufacturing methods, and dependable software and applications. While the two firms continue to have a strong hold over a significant segment of the mobile device market, there are new entrants from developing nations that can possibly affect the current influence of the major players. One of these new enterprises is Xiaomi, as highlighted in a recent report by Brad Stone of Bloomberg Businessweek:

Xiomis Phones

Xiaomi’s real invention is its business model. It sells online, never in stores, and avoids conventional advertising, devoting only about 1 percent of its revenue to marketing. (By comparison, Samsung earmarks 5.4 percent.) Instead, the company relies on China’s social networks, Weibo and WeChat, and the free press Lei gets as a national tech hero. The money Xiaomi saves on marketing lets it buy top-notch components while keeping retail prices down. The Mi 3 costs 1,699 yuan, or $270; the iPhone in China starts at more than twice that. A Mi 3, or any Xiaomi phone, is a great deal if you’re lucky enough to snag one—the latest models routinely sell out. Xiaomi sells handsets in batches, usually of around 100,000. The first Mi 3 release, the company trumpeted, was bought up in only 86 seconds. It’s the technology equivalent of Air Jordans.

It doesn’t come as a surprise that firms like Xiaomi will emerge to challenge the lead that popular brands have built over the years, since many consumers continue to look out for more affordable devices. With the continuous development of technology and refinement of manufacturing processes, consumers are expected to be the winners in the increased competition among smartphone manufacturers as this will result into more choices.

The presence of more affordable smartphones, however, is not without its problems: Just like products from the industry leaders, these devices are also prone to damage, breakdowns, and malfunctions. While purchasing these will cost less than buying from more established brands, seeking repair services for these devices might be problematic.

Fortunately, many shops that offer reliable mobile phone repairs in Melbourne, such as Telco World Corp. Pty. Ltd., specialise in troubleshooting and conducting overhauls of mobile devices. These businesses offer the assistance of their experienced technicians who regularly study and apply the latest industry practices. These professionals also employ techniques that result into quick and satisfying services.

Aside from affordable brands, these shops can handle iPhone, Samsung, Nokia, BlackBerry, Motorola and HTC repair in Melbourne. Approaching them for dealing with phone problems can be the best step that mobile device users can take.

(Source: Xiaomi’s Phones Have Conquered China. Now It’s Aiming for the Rest of the World, Bloomberg Businessweek, June 4, 2014)

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