Mobile Phone Repairs in Melbourne: Saving Phones from Water Damage

The “rice solution” may not be an effective way to save water-damaged mobile phones after all. Gazelle, a company that buys used electronic devices from consumers, recently performed various tests to see if absorbent household items, like rice and sponges, can indeed suck out the moisture from drenched mobile phones. The results of these tests, as posted in a WonderHowTo article by Nelson Aguilar, are quite surprising:

Myth Debunked

After 24 hours, the sponges were weighed again to see how much weight had been lost. And would you believe it—according to the results, uncooked white rice placed dead last in effectiveness as a drying agent. Here’s the list, from best to worst.

    • Open-air sponge – 7.6 mL lost
    • Silica gel – 6.1 mL lost
    • Cat litter – 5.5 mL lost
    • Instant couscous – 5.0 mL lost
    • Instant rice – 5.0 mL lost
    • Instant oatmeal – 5.0 mL lost
    • Uncooked white rice – 4.0 mL lost
    • Sealed-container sponge – 0.7 mL lost

Unfortunately for so-called do-it-yourselfers, uncooked rice is a poor absorbent agent simply because it is not a porous material, unlike sponges or silica gel. In contrast, professional mobile phone repairs in Melbourne from an expert like TWorld ICT Corp Pty Ltd provide the best option for saving phones from water damage.

Most people know that water is a conductor of electricity, yet not everyone understands how this fact relates to electronic devices. Simply put, if a mobile phone is dropped into a puddle of water, the electrical currents found within suddenly become erratic and spread everywhere, thereby frying the circuit board’s more sensitive components.

Even if the phone were to be deactivated, damage is still likely to occur since the phone batteries actively supply power to the device at all times. Simply removing the battery may not entirely save a mobile phone from water damage, either, as water containing acidic chemicals (depending on the source) may still linger and damage metal and polymer components.

Saving a wet mobile phone entails taking it apart and drying out each component thoroughly—tasks best entrusted to a Melbourne mobile phone repair expert such as TWorld ICT Corp Pty Ltd. Since it is possible that some components may no longer be salvageable, taking your phone to a reputable repair centre with a thorough inventory of spare parts makes a lot of sense indeed.

(Source: Myth Debunked: Uncooked Rice Isn’t the Best Way to Save Your Water-Damaged Phone, WonderHowTo, May 20, 2014)

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