Mobile Phone Repairs in Melbourne: Fixing Even the Toughest Phones

Mobile phones are some of the most fragile devices around, which is why phone manufacturers come up with various ways to make them last longer. While some companies offer free repairs or replacements for their damaged products, HTC takes a different approach by introducing a better, more durable HTC One model to be released on March 25. The Canadian website Mobile Syrup has more:

“In what comes off as a variation of Apple’s famous “I’m an Apple, I’m a PC” campaign, Technical Translations pairs a charming everyman with a quirky scientist to point out why the HTC One was so darn good — in this case its metal chassis — and why the all new HTC will be even better, with more metal. The original HTC One, though mostly aluminum, had some plastic trimmings on the top that were prone to damage.”

While a metal casing can significantly improve a mobile phone’s robustness, some things like excess heat or water damage are simply beyond the capabilities of today’s protective systems for handheld devices. Thus, a more durable HTC One hitting the Australian market doesn’t necessarily mean that providers of reliable mobile phone repairs in Melbourne, like TWorld ICT Corp, would be needed less. In fact, some strategies for improving mobile phone durability may bring with them a whole different breed of issues and threats.

htc teases its most metal phone yet in latest all new htc one promo

For example, metal cases can disrupt signal transmission in mobile phones. In addition, reinforcing the phone’s body with metal may make it more vulnerable to magnet damage. If a strong-enough magnet is placed near the phone’s data chips, the information stored in them may be erased.

This is the same reason why data storage devices from previous decades, like floppy disks, are always stored in secured strongboxes and filing trays. Thankfully, most magnets found at home or in the workplace are too weak to cause harm, but other types of magnets, like those found in compasses, may have a greater effect on phones with metal cases.

Water damage is also one of the few things that metal cases can’t fully protect against because water seeps into even the smallest crevices and gaps found in all mobile phones. Even water condensation can also cause damages, which is why phone users are discouraged from placing their devices on cold, wet surfaces. Thus, even with the new HTC model’s improved protective features, it remains comforting to know that users can still turn to reliable HTC repair in Melbourne if and when the need arises.

(Source: HTC teases its most metal phone yet in latest ‘all-new HTC One’ promo, Mobile Syrup, March 3, 2014)

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