Melbourne Telstra Shop to Offer Next-Gen Phones for a Growing Network

Telstra’s 4G network is fast, but apparently not fast enough.

At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona last March, Telstra announced its partnership with Ericsson to develop 5G technology. They hope to introduce the successor to 4G by 2020 with two separate tests to be conducted later this year, one in Sweden and another in Australia. The key will be to increase performance while lowering energy consumption.

Although still five years away, it doesn’t mean 4G won’t get any faster anytime soon. The same partnership developed an LTE-Advanced (LTE-A) network last year, achieving a world-first speed of 450 Mbps. LTE-A is scheduled to launch in capital cities like Melbourne by April 2015. Later the same year, Telstra plans to launch LTE-Broadcast (LTE-B).

In the meantime, however, Telstra is busy upgrading the existing 4G network to get it as close to 5G as current technology will allow. This includes offering the latest smartphones capable of working with 4G networks. Some 4G-enabled smartphones include iPhone 5 and later models (for iOS), and HTC One M8 and Samsung Galaxy S5 (or later, for Android).

Despite the developments, Telstra will continue to offer the older 3G network for older phones. Everyone should at least have 3G-capable phones by 2016, as Telstra plans to close the GSM network, also known as 2G, by that time. 3G-capable phones are being used to connect to the old network, which explains Telstra’s slow days in selling 2G phones.

Telstra will help customers make the transition to 3G or 4G via a Telstra shop in Melbourne like TWorld ICT. In fact, the transition can be as simple as switching your 2G SIM card for a 3G one at no extra cost. In some situations, it may also require a change of phone. Whatever you need to adapt to a rapidly changing world, these mobile system solutions stores will have everything you’ll need.

Change is essential in today’s tech-oriented world. Phones and networks will only evolve into faster and more reliable devices from this point on. Some investment on new phones is a small price in exchange for faster streaming or browsing and nationwide coverage. A Telstra store in Melbourne will be at the fore making sure everyone gets into the evolving bandwagon.

(Source: “Telstra’s bringing 5G to you,” TechRadar, March 2, 2015)

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