Melbourne Telstra Business Mobile Plans Expand Benefits for Customers

Telstra’s Easy Share Business Plan was introduced with small to medium businesses in mind, offering gigabytes of data ready for use, along with unlimited calls and MMS within Australia to standard Australian numbers. Undeniably, Melbourne Telstra business mobile plans like the Easy Share Business Plan help businesses everywhere keep in touch with everyone, and now this plan is bound to get better.

Melbourne Telstra Business Mobile Plans Expand Benefits for Customers

Telstra’s Easy Share Business Plan is just among the mobile plans that recently got updated with more data and a bonus free streaming service for six months. Only last March, on the same day that Samsung introduced both its Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge in Australia, Telstra also announced that they had upgraded select mobile plans with more data, along with six months of free subscription to video on demand service Presto.

More Data for Businesses

Beginning April 9, customers of the $95 Mobile Accelerate Plans now receive an additional 3.5 GB of data, for a total data allowance of 6 GB a month; while those taking up the $130 Mobile Accelerate Plan are given 7 GB of bonus data, for a total data allowance of 10 GB a month. Likewise, Telstra’s small business customers subscribed to the $65 a month plan or higher are not only given new handsets, but are also granted more data ranging from 500 MB to 6 GB, depending on the plan level. Moreover, handsets will also be upgraded to include real-time mobile data alerts, notifying customers how much they have already been consumed of their data allowance. Aside from these upgrades, Telstra customers will also be given six months free subscription to video-on-demand service Presto.

Advantages for Businesses

With more data that you can share with your team members, you may now have an easier time in sharing ideas and communicating with each other. This is particularly beneficial for progressive businesses with teams equipped with more than one business mobile device, as everyone can even share data with another SIM-ready device.

With these new upgrades on their mobile plans, Telstra is definitely solidifying its stamp on the country’s telecommunications scene as the provider that offers the best deals to their customers. With bigger data allowances and a bonus six month subscription to the best TV shows and movies, now is the best time to approach Telstra dealers in Melbourne, like TWorld ICT, and learn about the best mobile plans for your business.


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