Melbourne Samsung Smartphones: Troubleshooting Galaxy S5 Camera Issues

Like all smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy S5 offers users the ability to take pictures and record videos with its built-in camera. According to Ryan Inoyori of the International Business Times, however, certain issues with the Galaxy S5’s camera may lead to a less than satisfying experience for many users.

Slow Camera Performance

The Samsung Galaxy S5’s camera uses an app called Picture Stabilisation that allows users to capture images even under dim lighting. This app, however, has a tendency to slow down the camera’s performance in brighter environments. In some instances, users even get the “Warning: Camera Failed” prompt.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Major Issues and Solutions-Slow Camera, Camera Failed, Download Booster, Lags or Stutters,

Initial Troubleshooting

Inoyori offers a couple of troubleshooting tips to alleviate such nuisances. For instance, to help the S5’s camera perform faster during brightly lit photo ops, the user can turn off the Photo Stabilisation feature by clicking the gear icon located either on the top or bottom left side of the camera app and then close the Photo Stabilisation app. Once the Photo Stabilisation app has been closed, users should see a notable boost in performance.

As for the error prompt, Digital Trends says that restarting the unit is often all it takes to care of the problem. If the error prompt still appears, however, then users should go the App Manager, select to Force Stop the Camera App, Clear Cache, and Clear Data. Melbourne Samsung dealers such as TWorld ICT Corp Pty Ltd suggest uninstalling third-party apps and saving pictures on a different Micro SD card, especially if the issue has to do with the phone’s internal memory.

Of course, should the problems persist even after all initial troubleshooting measures have been exhausted, then Melbourne Samsung Galaxy S5 users would do well to seek professional help from companies that offer phone repairs in Melbourne such as TWorld ICT Corp Pty Ltd. Such companies can determine whether or not the problem is an internal or system issue, or if the problem lies with the actual external camera itself. Once the problem has been diagnosed, technicians can get started with the actual smartphone repair and have the affected phone working optimally in no time.

(Source: Samsung Galaxy S5 Major Issues and Solutions: Slow Camera, Camera Failed, Download Booster, Lags or Stutters, International Business Times, May 20, 2014)

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