Melbourne Mobile Phone Repairs: Fixing Common Smartphone Problems

The past holiday season most likely saw most people in a gift-shopping frenzy, especially Australians who are keen on using their smartphones for online shopping rather than social networking. According to Financial Review writer Jessica Sier, an e-commerce online payment system revealed that one in five people these days use their mobile phones for shopping:

Mobile shopping

Thirty-five per cent of Australian smartphone users say they’ve browsed shopping apps in their idle moments, but this number is expected to grow.

The mobile explosion has revolutionised retail, among other industries.

While smartphones have made gift shopping extremely convenient and time-efficient for on-the-go Aussies, some shoppers encounter problems with their mobile phones, which force them to head out to brick-and-mortar stores, losing valuable time in the process. The good news is, Melbourne mobile phone repair companies can address the common issues of today’s smartphones, so users can online shop until they drop—figuratively, of course. Below is a look at the frequent troubles smartphone users experience:

Limited battery life

Shoppers will find it incredibly frustrating when their mobile phone’s battery can’t keep up with their shopping habits. This is especially true when they’re buying from e-commerce sites and competing with heaps of bidders for highly coveted items. Luckily, smartphone users can apply a few tricks to prolong their device’s battery life.

One easy tip is to avoid setting their mobile phones into auto-brightness mode and, rather, turn it halfway down to minimise draining their battery. Unfortunately, some users who find their batteries draining too quickly may need professionals at mobile phone repairs in Melbourne for assistance. This applies to those whose smartphones have been infected with malware. Skilled mobile phone repair specialists can work on this issue and restore the device’s normal battery lifespan.

Unresponsive touchscreen

People’s online shopping efforts can bomb out if there are troubles typing the delivery and payment details in the touchscreen. When this happens, taking the device to professional mobile phone repair centres is a good option.

With so many Aussies dependent on mobile phones for their shopping needs, they need these devices to perform efficiently at all times. When these digital tools become susceptible to errors, professional mobile phone repair centres like TWorld ICT Corp Pty Ltd can help bring smartphones back to top form.

(Source: Mobile shopping to boom this Xmas: PayPal,, November 13, 2014)

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