Melbourne iPhone Screen Repair Remains Likely Despite New Technology

When it comes to smartphones, few handsets are lavished with the same devotion as Apple’s iPhone, which holds about 35% of the Australian mobile phone market. Fans of the sought-after gadget have something new to fawn over, though: the iPhone 6. Samantha Murphy Kelly of provided further details on this development:

Apple Invites

Just as expected, Apple sent out invitations on Thursday for what’s presumed to be its big iPhone event of the year.

The invitation, which coyly says “wish we could say more,” revealed that the “exclusive event” will be held on Sept. 9 at 10 a.m. PT. It will be held at the Flint Center for the Performing Arts in Cupertino, California, which is Apple’s hometown.

It’s also the same location where Apple debuted the Macintosh computer in 1984, 30 years ago this year.

It’s expected that Apple will launch the iPhone 6 in what is believed to be two sizes, a 4.7-inch model and a larger version at 5.5 inches, possibly called the iPhone 6L.

Along with questions about the iPhone 6’s specs, the public is also wondering how sturdy the shiny new phone will be. One news leak suggested that the iPhone’s latest iteration will utilize a sapphire screen, which is purportedly nigh indestructible. The source, Markus Brownlee, even posted a YouTube video where he tried his hardest to scratch the sapphire screen—supposedly fresh from a production line in China—with keys and even a knife.

However, news outlet noted that sapphire is rather brittle. It also added that Brownlee did not perform any impact tests to demonstrate how well the screen holds up to cracking. This is particularly noteworthy since many iPhone owners have dropped their handsets at one time or another, resulting into cracked or smashed screens.

In fact, ran a poll asking how many people have dropped their iPhones and an astonishing 75% responded that they have done so at least once. As such, iPhone screen repair in Melbourne remains a distinct possibility despite the state-of-the-art screen that the iPhone 6 sports.

If you happen to drop your iPhone 6 and smash its screen, it’s best to approach screen replacement experts like TWorld ICT Corp. Pty. Ltd. These professionals offer repair services for older phones as well, such as iPhone 4 screen replacement for Melbourne clients. You can even mail in your smashed phone and have it delivered to your door after it’s been repaired.

(Source: Apple Invites Are Out: New iPhones Coming Sept. 9,, August 30, 2014)

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