Latest from Samsung in Melbourne: Note 4 and its Sought-After Specs

As the Apple vs. Android debate rages on, the latter may have won the battle of the phablets in 2014. Specifically, it’s the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 that has tickled the fancies of many and has even been favoured over the much-hyped Apple iPhone 6 Plus. In fact, in a poll by the PhoneArena website, asking which of the phablets users prefer, Note 4 won by a landslide.

Note 4 outshines the iPhone 6 Plus

In the design section, for example, the iPhone 6 Plus netted just 1634 votes (27.14%) versus the 4387 (72.85%) for the Note 4. Samsung’s phablet’s advantage is even more pronounced in our readers’ minds, at least when it comes to the display: a whopping 82.29% of poll-takers thought so, at least.

Moving onto the interface section, it would appear that the many, many (many) extra features Samsung bundled together with the Note 4 are paying off, for 70.74% of votes went to its darling, leaving Apple’s first phablet with a third of the votes.

The Galaxy Note 4 is one of the most recent gadget releases by Samsung in Melbourne, and its abundance in cool, useful features are what people love so much about it. Here’s a handful of its top-rated specs:

It’s the King of Multitasking.

People with busy lifestyles love the flexibility that the phablet allows. You can access multiple applications at a time in a split-screen mode, and unlike other smartphones, Note 4’s Pop Up View shortcut lets you run them in smaller windows (like desktop popups). You can drag the pop-ups wherever you want on your display screen, easily minimise, and quickly reopen them when you need to.

It has a sleek S Pen.

Samsung made the classic stylus design better in the latest S Pen. It’s more sensitive and precise than earlier versions, so it helps you do more and do them more efficiently.

It has charming cameras.

Aside from its high-quality 13-megapixel rear camera, its 3.7MP front-facing camera and voice controls take selfies to the next level!

It’s excellent for health enthusiasts.

You can take advantage of the various health apps or wearables that Note 4 supports, including a pedometer, a heart rate and stress level (based on heart rate changes) monitor, oxygen saturation measurements, and even a UV rating detector.

It’s practical in terms of power.

With a removable (and easily replaceable) battery pack, rapid charging, and an Ultra Power Saving Mode, the Note 4 ensures you can use your phone as much as you need.

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(Source: You have spoken: The Note 4 outshines the iPhone 6 Plus in our reader comparison, PhoneArena, November 26, 2014)

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