iPhone Repairs in Melbourne: Some Concerns about the New iPhone 6

Apple’s newest iPhone, the iPhone 6, seems to be hampered by several problems right from its launch. Users have been reporting a variety of issues with their device and are getting increasingly frustrated with their purchase. Given this situation, companies offering iPhone repairs in Melbourne should be prepared for flocks of users that may go to their shops for fixes.

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Owners

A new problem discovered recently concerns the screen of the iPhone. Complaints are coming stating that the displays on users’ iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus get scratches easily, more so compared with the previous models. One user, who complained in an Apple forum, said, “After 2 years of heavy use and no screen cover, my iPhone 5 never had a scratch.” Another expressed that:

“Less than a week into owning an iPhone 6, I have a good sized scratch on my screen. So disappointed. I only ever had a bumper on my old phone and would totally throw it in my purse with my other stuff with no issues. Now I guess I’ll have to get a cover for the screen. Definitely seemed easier to scratch.”

A possible reason pointed out by AppleInsider is that the material used on the iPhone 6 is different from the ones used on previous models. For starters, the iPhone 6 uses a curved display glass that features no bezel, making it an edge-to-edge display—the first next-gen phone to try this. The iPhone 5 and previous versions used flat pieces of glass enveloped in a thermoplastic material and contained in a hard polymer wrap, which helped protect the screen. The iPhone 6 still has the thermoplastic material, but is situated between the display and the body.

If you are experiencing the same problems with your iPhone 6, you can either get a screen protector before the screen gets scratched, or bring your phone to a Melbourne iPhone repair shop like TWorld ICT Corp Pty Ltd for checking. The iPhone 6 is still fairly new and more issues might be discovered. Luckily, for problems like battery life, touchscreen scratches, and other minor damages, iPhone repair centres can take care of them.

(Source: iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Owners Say Their Screens Scratch Too Easily, TechnoBuffalo, November 25, 2014)

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