iPhone Repair in Melbourne: Restoring Water-Damaged Phones that Have Void Warranties

Restoring Water-Damaged Phones that Have Void WarrantiesIn April 2013, International Business Times reported that Apple will have to compensate for those who have been denied warranty because of water damage to their iPhone and iPod devices. This is in response to lawsuits from consumers who were refused repair because the warranties for their gadgets have been void because of liquid spill or submersion. Other instances where warranties become void are damage caused by accidents, abuse, misuse, fire, earthquake or other outside sourcesThe article further explains that Apple uses the Liquid Submersion Indicator to determine if the phones have been water damaged. The indicator turns pink when the gadget has been submerged in water. However, the manufacturer has admitted that it could turn pink due to other factors like sweat or other smaller amounts of exposure to moisture.

Apple asserts that it has done nothing wrong but has agreed to settle the issue to prevent the “expense, inconvenience, and distraction of burdensome litigation.” The fund allocated by the company is yet to be approved by the court but since Apple has agreed to pay, customers who filed the lawsuit can start to feel relieved with the outcome. Water-damaged handsets are a big problem for owners and finding a reliable Melbourne iPhone repair service can prove daunting especially for those who haven’t had experience with any repair shop.

There are many do-it-yourself tips on the Internet for owners who wish to try their luck and fix the issue themselves. However, some instructions may be difficult to follow and leaves viewers to decide for themselves, for example, how long they should wait before turning their phone on.

Since this case is not covered by Apple warranty, owners may have to buy a new one. However, they may also opt to bring their devices to a trusted service centre like TWorld ICT, which offers water damage repair and iPhone 4 screen replacement in Melbourne. They use only genuine parts in restoring iPhones, which is an important factor in looking for a quality repair shop.

Some owners may have taken precautions to maximise the lifespan of their mobile devices but accidents can still happen. However, there are still practical options for them, the best of which is letting the experts handle the issues so they can avoid any other complications.

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