The iPhone 6: New Features, Same Need for iPhone Repairs in Melbourne

Telstra received a big sales boost during the September release of the iPhone 6. Reports from London-based research firm Kantar pointed out that the phone’s debut, along with iPhone 5S sales, drew 40 percent of buyers to switch from other rival telecoms to Telstra. Telstra’s market share for both prepaid and post-paid increased by 1.6 percent from last year.

New iPhones deliver big boost for Telstra

If you want a closer look at how the iPhone 6 fuelled this growth, you simply have to recall the long queues prior to its launch. Across Melbourne, buyers camped outside stores to be one of the first owners of the iconic smartphone’s latest incarnation. It’s uncertain exactly how many queued up for the big day, but it was enough to cause some supply shortages.

The successor to the iPhone 5 line gets a 22-percent increase in screen size and a 10-percent decrease in thickness. It features the new A8 chip, which operates faster and renders clearer images than the A7 in the iPhone 5 line. It carries the iOS 8 as the default system, which has more apps and features.

Unless Apple introduces its so-called patented protection mechanism, however, such a device remains prone to breakage. Remember the first man to get an iPhone 6 in the country? He’s also the first one to drop it, much to people’s chagrin. Fortunately, the phone shrugged off this impromptu drop test and emerged largely unscathed.

Many causes of smartphone damage like accidental drops or immersion in water can void manufacturer warranties. If your iPhone 4 wasn’t so lucky to have survived either of these incidents, though, don’t worry. You can bring it to a service centre like TWorld ICT that offers quality iPhone repairs in Melbourne involving anything from cracked screens to impacted electronics.

If you would rather not be inconvenienced while your phone is out of commission, then it would make sense to look for a repair centre that offers various service options. For instance, you can either pay for priority/same-day service or see if the centre can lend you a temporary phone for as long as your phone is under repair. Finally, you may want to choose a mobile phone repair specialist like TWorld ICT that provides mail-in and national pickup services.

Whether you’re a recent iPhone convert or a long-time Apple fan who chooses to hold on to your old but trusty model, it is rather comforting to know that you’ve got convenient options when it comes to iPhone 4 repairs in Melbourne.

(Source: “New iPhones deliver big boost for Telstra,” The Australian, October 23, 2014)

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