iNeed Fix: A Guide to Getting the Proper iPhone Repair in Melbourne

ineed-fix-guide-getting-proper-iphone-repair-melbourneA feature on the UK-based Phones Review website dated October 1, 2013 discusses how the iOS 7 update affects the older iPhone models 4 and 4S. Energy consumption supposedly increases in iPhone 4, 4S, and even in iPhone 5 units, and numerous users of these previous-generation phones are disappointed. More details about this flaw are discussed in this quote:

Recently specific testing on battery life with Wi-Fi browsing on iOS 7 showed that both the iPhone 4 and 4S had slightly less battery life than when on iOS 6, but it was the iPhone 5 that took a big hit. However, the problems being reported by some iPhone 4 and 4S users to us and also on forums, indicate much more than a slight battery life decrease.
There are plenty of complaints of the iPhone and iPhone 4S eating up the battery since the iOS 7 update, where it was perfectly okay when running iOS 6. Some users say they have tried every battery saving tip available, but to no avail as their phones still have significant battery drain.
It’s not just battery life that should bother users of older iPhones; there seems to be less support for earlier models in terms of software compatibility and even for repairs. This can force users to spend for a new phone just to keep up with the times, but it’s an extremely costly affair that some want to avoid. Thankfully, some businesses that offer iPhone repair in Melbourne, such as Leading Edge Telecom, can still provide troubleshooting for past models.

iPhones are some of the more popular smartphones on the market. Even sales of older models are quite a hit among those looking to reasonably purchase and own one of Apple’s lauded phones. However, as more succeeding models are produced, older variants are being left behind in terms of technology and support. It’s also quite costly to have an older iPhone serviced, which is detrimental to those on a budget.

As an alternative, folks can have their iPhone 4 repairs in Melbourne done by third-party support centers. These businesses are sure to charge even less than official centers while offering the same quality service. Previous models might be old, but they’re certainly not forgotten.

(Info from iOS 7 battery problems reported for iPhone 4 and 4S, Phones Review, October 1, 2013)

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